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Fadior Successfully Exhibited at 2014 Dubai International Building & Construction Show!

Fadior Successfully Exhibited at 2014 Dubai International Building & Construction Show

November 17, 2014-20th, "Middle East 's most influential and most large buildings, building materials and related services exhibition"--35th "Dubai International Building & Construction Show" is held ceremoniously in Dubai International Exhibition Center, China first brand of high-end stainless steel cabinet-Fadior stainless steel cabinets high-profile launches in the exhibition hall, Fadior participate in this exhibition by company newest X006, fully demonstrated China's high-end
Stainless Kitchen Cabinets leadership style, dazzling bright, attracted many international visitors, investors and the media attention, become a star brand that shocked the Dubai International Building & Construction Show.

Stainless Steel Indoor Kitchen Cabinets

During the Dubai International Building & Construction Show, China high-end stainless steel cabinet first brand -Fadior carry 2014 latest products attend exhibition, with the new image of High-end luxury custom cabinetry wonderful bloom, stunning dazzling, bring most shocking impact in overseas markets, to conquer numerous international customers' critical eyes! Fadior walk in the forefront of the times, use stainless steel cabinet showing human society a new era of living life "Safety and environmental, harmonious technology, luxurious and stylish", Fadior, with the industry leader's flame, starting a perfect storm in the Dubai International Building & Construction Show during the time of stainless steel cabinet set off a global trend.

High End Kitchen Cabinets Visitor

Fadior heritage Italy Florence art design concept, attracted majority international visitors hot onlook! Cool exterior styling, stainless steel collision sublimation of art, makes visitors exclaim! Especially Fadior subvert the traditional stainless steel material technology, no longer "glacial", exceptional experience that shock and delight curious customers.

Fadior Kitchen Show

The Dubai Exhibition held fiery, attracted a most distinguished guests-''United Arab Emirates Crown Prince'', closest ministers and assistants accompany all the way, dress smartly uniformed generals, and all the way along the entrepreneur, media reporters, etc., put exhibition atmosphere into a climax. During the visit, “the United Arab Emirates Crown Prince” was shocked by the Fadior stainless steel cabinet live showrooms, under the Fadior's reception, excitedly visited stainless steel products and full of praise, which makes Fadior become the focus of the show.

2014 Fadior Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets with a forward-looking vision and courage layout global market, leading the new times of top stainless steel cabinet, in the future, Fadior will continue to expand the occupation of overseas market share and explore the wider international market!

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