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5 Efficient Ways to Protect House in Misty Weather


As beginning of the year, spring brings us warmer weather with rain. While living in the south, it is also an annoying time to deal moisture and its harm to our furniture, clothing and etc. What are the effective ways to prevent moisture and dehumidification at home?

Tips 1: Avoid Opening Doors/Windows or Mopping

The first economical and effective way is to close the doors and windows. And as humidity is high, try to avoid mopping the floor and wiping the furniture with a wet cloth. In places like the kitchen that are dirty, you can use hot water and salt to mop the floor.

Tips 2: Dehumidifier

Apply desiccant, desiccant, quicklime, bamboo charcoal, etc. at home to absorb moisture.

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Tips 3: Dehumidification Equipment

More families are now equipped with dehumidifiers, dryers, fresh air systems and so on, It's time to use them.

Balcony cabinet with washing machine and dryer

Tips4: Make Good Use of Old Clothes and Old Newspapers

Old newspapers and paper sheets that are useless at home can be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony door or table top to help absorb moisture.

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Some people say that there is no newspaper in my family! It doesn't matter, there are always one or two old clothes that are useless in your home. Use it instead!

Tips 5: Choose Stainless Steel Furniture

FADIOR stainless steel kitchen is completely made of 304 grade stainless steel, therefore it is 100% water-proof and anti-mildew. You do not need to worry about mushrooms growing in your kitchen any more! Also now FADIOR has expanded its production line to kitchen, wardrobe, vanity and etc. to offer one-stop solution for our customers.

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