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Bathroom cabinet

In Fadior, we provide bathroom cabinet solution to improve people’s daily life quality.

Before the mass production, we will test the materials to make sure they are completely zero-formaldehyde and totally eco-friendly. We also adopt accurate processing technology and advanced machinery, which can perform accurate cutting, drilling, and bending production process. In this way, the bathroom cabinet is manufactured to be seamless and there is no gap between each part. With our core technology - 220℃ baking technology, the product has an anti-scratched surface and good discoloration resistance. The other state-of-the-art technology advantage - panel modeling technology is adopted to manufacture the product with abnormal shapes and unique styles including traditional, Gothic, and Baroque styles, through which customers’ different tastes can be satisfied. Compared with ordinary wooden bathroom cabinet, our product is not easy to get damp, and deform. Considering the practicability of the products, we have designed extra damping strips to make sure the countertop is stable and can not make any noise when moving it. The bottom panel is removable so that it allows people to clean more easily. Each part of the product is precisely made to ensure easy installation.

Custom bathroom vanities are all available in Fadior. A variety of styles like antique, classic, and modern styles are all available. Customized dimensions can also be made. Whether custom products or our ready-made products, we ensure they all enjoy a 30-year warranty.

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