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Tips for Cabinet's Maintenance

Countertop's Maintenance

A. Hot pan and kettle cannot directly be placed on the countertop, and it's the best to place them in the pot rack.

B. During the operation, try to avoid using sharp objects on the countertops to avoid scratches. Regardless of the selected table, the process of cooking food should be performed on the chopping block. It can also avoid leaving marks but also can keep hygienic.

C. There are always bubbles and cracks on the countertops made of normal materials. If the colored liquid penetrates into the countertops, it will cause discoloration or stains. Dyes or hair dyes can't have direct contact with countertops.

D. Chemical erosion is not allowed. For example, stainless steel table is likely to get rust stains, so soy sauce and other items can't be placed directly on the table.

E. Water can’t be left on the artificial panel cupboard for a long time.

Door's Maintenance

A. Avoid leaving the door soaking in the water, otherwise, it will be deformed after a long time.

B. If the hinges and door handle get loosen and make an abnormal sound, notify the factory for calibration or maintenance promptly.

C. Solid wood door can be maintained by furniture wax clean water. Crystal door by flannel dipped in warm water or neutral detergent.

Carcass's Maintenance

A. Based on the carrying capacity, OTC is not generally used as cabinets. The cabinet is used for placing light items, such as cans, glass, and other seasonings. As for the heavy items, they are usually placed under the cabinet.

B. The cabinet utensils should be cleaned and then placed well after loading. Particular attention should be paid to the needs of dry utensils.

C. The cabinet hardware should be equipped with a dry cloth to avoid leaving water droplets or watermarks on the surface.

D. The internal filter cartridge of the tank of the cooking station can be wrapped by the filament in advance, to prevent food residues and small debris from blocking pipes.

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