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Since its inception, people have understood the potential of stainless steel to make food preparation safer and easier. From high-end consumer products to the largest commercial kitchens, stainless steel surfaces, appliances, appliances and more continue to be a cornerstone of the modern dining environment. In this guide, we'll learn why stainless steel is a great choice for foodservice, how stainless steel is typically used, the types of stainless steel commonly used in kitchens today, and best practices for performance. safe and durable of your stainless steel. steel equipment and objects.


The advantages of stainless steel in the food industry

Food preparation environments benefit from many of the same properties of stainless steel as other industries. Stainless steel's superior corrosion resistance means kitchens don't have to worry about damage from spills, steam, food, and the general mess of fast, high-volume cooking. But this resistance to acids and alkalis also has advantages outside the kitchen!


Stainless steel cookware is very neutral so it will not interact with food or alter the taste, appearance or smell of ingredients such as aluminum or cast iron. That means cleaner, more appealing flavors and happier diners ! Most stainless steel components also have wide thermal tolerances. Stainless steel pots, pans and storage containers can be transferred from the freezer to the stove and anywhere in between without fear of damage.


Stainless steel is also easy to clean at the end of a busy shift. In many cases, kitchen staff can use a damp mop, power wash, or steam clean the surfaces of stainless steel appliances for quick and thorough cleaning of cluttered kitchen environments. Of course, you may also find cleaning more stubborn areas. The stainless steel passivation layer makes cleaning up spills and splatters as easy as grabbing a soft cloth.


Plus, stainless steel can withstand years of regular cleaning and maintenance and still look as good as the table, surface or equipment when it arrives. It can even take the occasional drop, knock or scrape without qualms, although you should never intentionally damage the passivation layer of a stainless steel item.


The same aspects that make stainless steel easy to clean and corrosion resistant also prevent bacteria from growing or harboring other harmful pathogens. Where plastics and softer metals can easily scratch or develop gouges, stainless steel's smooth surface means microbes have nowhere to hide. When hygiene isn't the top priority, the added finish also allows you to customize the look of the stainless steel to suit your preferred presentation. Standard finishes include mirror or polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, hammered or dented stainless steel and etching.


Finally, stainless steel offers an excellent balance between strength, weight and temperature resistance. It's not as light as aluminum, but it's more durable, while being lighter than cast iron, and there's no concern about interaction with ingredients.


Typical Uses of Stainless Steel

As the benefits listed above might indicate, stainless steel can be used almost anywhere you can think of in the modern food preparation environment. It really is a complete solution, from a mass-produced food service like a hospital or school to the utensils on the table at your favorite local restaurant. Chances are you'll stand anywhere in a modern dining room or kitchen and find something stainless steel within sight. It's everywhere, including:

  • waterline
  • Ice machine
  • Catering table
  • kitchen equipment
  • blender
  • hot and cold storage
  • Shelves and containers
  • pots and pans


When purchasing stainless steel kitchen cabinets, you should choose the materials that are durable and easy to clean. For example, stainless steel is great for commercial kitchens, but it can rust if exposed to salts, food acids, and some cleaning agents. 304 Stainless Steel is a good choice for mid-range items over other materials. 


Because of their durability, they can withstand a variety of foods and temperatures. The convenience of these cabinets make them an ideal choice for busy commercial kitchens. These high-quality cabinets can support dozens of different storage containers and food preparation appliances. These products are also more economical than most other types of kitchen cabinetry.

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Stainless steel is made of different elements. Depending on the purpose, you can choose between various gauges. The thinnest gauge is 18 gauge, which is good for light-duty items, while the medium-duty gauge is 16 gauge. The thickest and most expensive is 14 gauge, which is typically reserved for heavy-duty items like commercial kitchens. Aside from being durable, these cabinets are more expensive than other materials.


Fadior custom stainless steel cabinets are made from the alloys material which are different elements making them sturdier and stronger. The strength and shinier qualities of the materials depend on the amount of chromium or nickel contained within the metal. Some of the best commercial kitchens use an enclosed base work table that can support hundreds of storage containers and food prep appliances. A well-made stainless steel work table can be adapted to accommodate nearly any product.


Commercial kitchens can benefit from stainless steel cabinets of different sizes and designs. Whether your space is small or large, commercial stainless steel will add a modern and professional look to your restaurant. In addition to offering versatility, stainless steel enclosed base work tables can also support dozens of storage containers and food prep appliances. Besides the durability and flexibility of these kitchens, these cabinets are an excellent investment. Moreover, they can also be a good option for restaurants with a large number of employees.





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