Design Guidelines For Fadior High-End Outdoor Kitchens

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  • Date:2021/09/29

It's time to start planning for your new high-end outdoor kitchen ! Outdoor kitchens have become more popular over the years, but the choices haven't been any easier to make. With many brands of outdoor kitchens available, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited for you. Outdoor kitchen design professionals will help you determine what you really want and recommend the products that will make it possible. Whether you want a sink, grill or refrigerator, or a refrigerator, stove or oven, there are options out there for you !


Your outdoor kitchen designs will begin with deciding on your budget and what kind of features you would like. Estimate how much money you have to spend on every aspect of your kitchen: countertops, appliances, tiles, flooring and lighting. Calculate how many square feet of countertop area you will need and how many feet your countertops should be. Add up all the expenses for all items you ideally hope to add to your outdoor kitchen, including the items that aren't absolutely necessary but will make things easier such as a microwave or a grill. This will give you a clear idea of how much space you will realistically have available to you.


Next you'll need to decide between an indoor kitchen or an outdoor kitchen - and which one you prefer. Indoor countertops provide a lot more grained durability and are easier to clean. However, they also require a lot of upkeep and installation and come with a more limited selection of accessories. Outdoor kitchens don't have as much variety in countertops, grills, appliances and fixtures. But the trade-offs are greater durability, easier cleaning and overall use of space since you won't have to sacrifice aesthetics.


Once you've decided on the type of kitchen you want and the size of the budget you're working with, you must determine what kind of seating area you want in your kitchen. Outdoor kitchen countertops have very little seating area compared to the larger cabinetry and countertop kitchens of the past. Newer countertops can include benches, bar stools, pizza tables and even benches made from wood. Depending on the size of your family and the amount of food you plan to prepare, the average cost of a new countertop kitchen might be greater than the average cost of an indoor kitchen of the same size.


The third thing you must consider when designing an outdoor kitchen area would be your refrigerator and sink. An indoor kitchen might have a refrigerator with two to three shelves, depending on its size and capacity. A larger countertop kitchen, on the other hand, would likely have a refrigerator with a full counter space, three to four shelves and maybe even a bottom shelf for storage. For a larger family, a larger refrigerator would be an excellent choice, especially if one of you is a medical professional and the other is a chef who needs to prepare large quantities of food for a long period of time.


For larger families or couples who plan to cook out as often as possible, a four-burner stove with a microwave would probably be the best choice. These are inexpensive but provide excellent heat and steam in any type of weather. For more casual gatherings, or for parties and large social gatherings, a small to medium-sized grill that has a gas burner or charcoal attachment would be ideal. For entertaining purposes, a barbeque grill with an attached grill is an excellent choice for backyard kitchens. In addition, if you don't have space for a full-fledged bar at your back door, you could always prepare meals on the grill before heading out to the party or gathering.





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