Enjoying Time Together --- The Most Advanced Kitchen Trend of 2021!

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  • Date:2021/06/16


The kitchen area has a lot of oily smoke, in the traditional house design, the kitchen is independent and enclosed.


With the improvement of living conditions and changes in lifestyles, open social kitchens have become the trend of choice for the new generation of families.


In the "2021 Home Consumption Trend Report", 46% of households choose open/semi-open kitchen design.



 What is a social kitchen?


As the new trend of kitchen design, the social kitchen is a combination of multi-space functions such as kitchen, dining room, living room, and living area.


Let us take you now to unlock the trends of social kitchen design.








The open layout of the social kitchen integrates the three major spaces of "kitchen, dining room, and living room" into a whole.


Family members can communicate and interact without hindrance.


Parents can watch their children play while cooking, and guide them to do homework.


When friends and relatives gather for a meal, they talk and laugh together, and don’t feel crowded when they cook together.




Japanese calls this design that combines "kitchen and diners" as "LDK", that is, the integration of the living room (Living Room), the dining room (Dinning Room), and the kitchen (Kitchen).


This design is especially suitable for small houses.


It can make better use of the public space, with sufficient light and vision, so that the small apartment has become open and atmospheric.


At the same time, shorten the flow of the kitchen and other spaces, making people feel more comfortable and free at home.



 Traditional kitchens also have islands or bar counters, which are mostly used as a preparation area and storage function.


A true social kitchen, island is the core of communication and interaction.




 The integrated middle island combines the functions of a traditional island and a dining table.


The wide tabletop meets the needs of preparing meals, dining, and cooking by multiple people, and it is also convenient for the family to work, study, paint, and do handicrafts and other parent-child interactions.


The high and low design of the countertop distinguishes the island operation area and the dining area, creating a clean and tidy environment with separation of dry and wet.



 A shelf is designed on the countertop of the island to increase storage and at the same time install a small red socket on the Internet for charging at any time.


Here you can also use your mobile phone, watch TV, read books, listen to songs, and live food.


The social kitchen transfers part of the functions of the living room to the kitchen and becomes the "second living room".


Intelligence is Coming Into Kitchen


 Fadior implanted a magnetic induction cooking system in the cabinet for the first time, and realized intelligent cooking through wireless intelligent induction technology and wireless pots.


The magnetic transmitter is installed under the stage, the table top is refreshing and clean, and the pot can be stowed away and can be transformed into an operating table and a work table at any time.


 Magnetic induction cooking can automatically detect the type, position and shape of cookware, and provide corresponding power according to different cookware. The heating is accurate and uniform, and the safety and energy saving are better.


You can also operate the wireless cookware through electronic devices such as mobile phones, IPad and control the lighting system through the remote control.


Fadior's sixth-generation stainless steel kitchen cabinets gradually deepen the application of kitchen intelligent systems and further improve the kitchen Interactivity and fun.


Fadior’s sixth-generation stainless steel kitchen cabinet also provide space expansion + refined classified storage, making the kitchen as generous and elegant as you.






These flat small drawers can hold all kinds of odds and ends in the kitchen and spare utensils, allowing the small kitchen to instantly expand by 25%.


Wall Hanging Storage System


Many families install hooks on the wall by themselves, and use common items such as towels, brushes, and spatulas to hang on the wall.


According to this usage habit, Fadior developed an integrated stainless steel kitchen cabinet, heightened the rear water retaining bar to 270mm, and installed a complete rear storage system.



 Some commonly used items, such as seasonings, cooking utensils, cutlery, cutting boards, etc., can all be hung on the rear baffle through various pendants.


It is easy to hold, convenient and fast, and it also increases the storage space.

Social Kitchen Project


The avant-garde industrial style and free space satisfy the young people's desire for home party.

Does such a cool kitchen have the aura of the protagonist of a TV series?

Avant-garde individual industrial style free space



 Return to the family, warm home. Companionship and interaction are silent love between family members. The social kitchen has no boundaries for communication, bringing family members closer together, closer, and deeper bonds. Fadior the sixth generation of stainless steel kitchen cabinets to create a happier kitchen life.





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