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  • Date:2020/04/27

Recently, Fadior "never settle" new products launch conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province, a new generation of stainless steel cabinet "FN001 Bona" was officially announced on the conference.

"Bona", as the first landing products of Fadior new generation stainless steel intelligent kitchen, is the spokesman of "3 + N design" system, perfect presents the ideal kitchen of consumers.

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"3" refers to three major functions, the floor-drawer, corner trolley, one-piece molding countertop.

These three big functions is the core superiority of the new generation cabinet, will become the standard configuration in the future product series.

"N" stands for a number of functions surrounding these three core strengths.

The traditional kitchen cabinet's footstep part is idled, but Fadior new craft cabinet use this space as drawer. As a result, the kitchen drawer storage space expanded at least 2.5 times, and compared to the ordinary drawer, the foot drawer has the higher cost-performance.

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There are two general storage plan for corner in the market nowadays, normal shelves corner cabinet and cabinet with basket. But corner basket need to leave enough space, resulting in very limited storage items. The corner cabinet of "Bona" is set up as a movable trolley, which adopts multi-layer storage mode, to make the best use of the space inside the corner cabinet.

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More conveniently, it uses a pulley device that can be pulled out entirety. At the same time, it can also be used as a mobile dining car to push the cooked dishes to the dining table, saving a trip to the trouble of serving food; in the outdoor barbecue, it can also be as a small mobile table.

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If there are columns in the kitchen corner, don't worry, the trolley can still be used, just change to left and right pull out design (as above).

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In fact, according to statistics over the past few years, Fadior’s designers found that more than 70% of the houses have column or protruding pipe in kitchen corner. In this case, the traditional process can only do ordinary shelves cabinet. With the trolley, you don't have to reach into the cupboard to get things.

For traditional kitchen cabinet, sink countertop, splash plate is individual fittings, partial kitchen can achieve stainless steel countertop and stainless steel sink integral.

However, "Bona" have the stainless steel countertop, sink and splash back integrated molding, avoid hiding dirt, prevent leakage, makes it more easily to clean.

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The designer also raised the "Bona" backsplash bar to 20-27cm, greatly increasing the waterproof protection area. According to the professional investigation, kitchen wall spatters, mostly concentrated in the top 20 cm above the place.

Bona’s splash bar is actually a storage system, through the installation of pendant, it become a storage rack. For example, pot cover rack, spice rack and cooker rack can be arranged next to the stove, a small trash can be arranged next to the sink, and a knife rack can be arranged in the preparation area. These hangers can also be changed and adjusted at any time.

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Bona‘s stainless steel sink, using a unique double-layer storage accessories design, single big basin, deep filter basket, soap dispenser, cutting board and other accessories, the sink fully plays the functions of washing and storage.


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