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According to the report of 2021 big data of China's stainless steel customized home industry: Nearly 30 million of the families who decorated the kitchen from January 2020 to July 2021 are considering to replace their kitchens with stainless steel cabinets, complaining about traditional board and solid wooden cabinets because of the "no environmental protection", "difficult to clean" and "easy to damage" problems. Some people even changed two sets of kitchen cabinets after staying in the new house for only 10 years. The reason is that the sink cabinet is damp and moldy... In a rage, they changed it to the stainless steel cabinet. Stainless steel cabinet is becoming a new choice for many family decoration !



01  Do you think the stainless steel cabinet is gray metal ? Like the cold look of the hotel kitchen ? 

Is everyone's impression of stainless steel gray metal? In impression of many people, stainless steel cabinet is just like the kitchen of restaurant. It has single color, cold texture, rough details and is not suitable for home. So why do commercial kitchens use integral stainless steel? Including counter-tops, cabinets and even back-splashes --- The reason is that commercial kitchen is the place with the largest investment in a restaurant, so it is bound to be easy to clean, healthy and environmentally friendly, non polluting ingredients and long service life.




Since commercial kitchens use stainless steel cabinets, family kitchens can be used more. Even if you're not a professional chef, it's worth using a professional cabinet. As long as the design is closer to home aesthetics, we can create a practical and beautiful kitchen. As a 20-year-old brand, Fadior research on stainless steel cabinets is indeed admirable, which not only enables consumers to get quality and service, but also finds a relaxed and better kitchen life.



02 Full Experience of Stainless Steel Cabinets

A general kitchen is roughly divided into three parts: cabinet carcass, cabinet door and countertop. The traditional cabinet body and door are made of wood panels, and quartz stone and marble are more used on the countertop. The advantages and disadvantages of wood cabinets are obvious:

1. There is formaldehyde when there are wood panels (such as MDF / plywood / particleboard). As long as it does not exceed the standard, there is no need to worry too much;

2.  Afraid of blisters and fire, although the probability is not large;

3. Mildew, deformation, long insects and difficulty in cleaning are also headache problems for everyone



Wood cabinets price is generally economic for most people. However if we compare wood cabinets with stainless steel cabinets, SS cabinets have much much more benefits:

  • Environmental protection, inhibition of bacterial reproduction, long-term water and oil erosion without deformation;
  • Not afraid of insects and ants, water and fire, easy to clean;
  • Wear resistant, with a service life of more than 50 years. It looks new even after use of many years.



Now the technology of stainless steel cabinet is no longer what it used to be. The shape and style of stainless steel cabinet are no less than wood cabinet.



Fadior also has a number of series to choose from, including: solid color baking finish, Micro-X finish, original stainless steel, wood grain baking finish, stone grain baking finish, glass door, rock plate, etc.



Among them, the micro-X door panel is favored by many consumers. Although stainless steel itself is zero formaldehyde, even if all environmental protection materials are selected in the door panel surface treatment process, the final finished product will also have micro amounts of formaldehyde. In this regard, fadior developed a door panel treatment technology in 2016, which is named "Micro-X " technology. It removes aldehydes from the whole process of coating material selection, additives, curing and spraying, which brings a best solution to environmentalists pursuing a healthy life.




In addition to the rigorous environmental protection production process, its density is very high, reaching "0 pores". The stain resistance is very strong. The sauce will not be infected, but also can prevent fingerprints. The daily cleaning is enough, so there is no need to sweep the kitchen. It has higher hardness than other processes. Scraping in ordinary life makes the door panel free from scratches, which means that the effective service life of the door panel is longer. Although the family kitchen door panel generally will not be exposed to open fire, the micro particle crystal grease panel still requires itself with strict standards. It will not burn under high temperature, and there will be no trace when burning with open fire, so as to avoid the cabinet plate contributing to the fire in case of accidental fire.



Quality is important, but beauty can't be ignored. On this basis, fadior Micro-X series is extended to give designers and customers more choices. What is worth cheering with both hands is that Fadior has a keen sense of fashion. The door panels developed are in Morandi color, and the blind selection does not overturn.



 03 Stainless steel door panels can also be molded

 This Nordic style [Luca] is recommended to you, I think the highest state of stainless steel cabinet is to hide stainless steel in invisibility, except for natural stainless steel. This set of [Luca] cabinets in the exhibition hall fully demonstrates the charm of stainless steel. Although it is difficult for us to have such a large kitchen at home, this model gives us an enlightenment. When there is a long wall in the kitchen, we can make more changes when the storage pressure is not so great.



 A group of glass cabinets and a group of glass cabinets are adjusted with hole plates in the middle, and a group of open laminate frames are next to the side. After the stainless steel cabinet is opened, it really feels very comfortable. There is no watermark and it is clean. 



I especially like the design of this group of cabinets. Because the floor cabinet is too deep, it is inconvenient to bend down and dig in. I believe everyone has this problem. Therefore, a group of storage racks are added inside the cabinet door to increase the effective capacity. It is very suitable for storing some milk, beverages and cans.




L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens have corner positions. Generally, we make a through cabinet. The practice of this lifting platform is really the first time I've seen it. Let's ignore the problem of durability and practicality. This idea is really worth learning.



 If the height of hanging cabinet is relatively low, it is more suitable to open the cabinet door, but the requirements for hardware are relatively high. I suggest friends go to the physical store to experience it.


Through the glass cabinet door, you can clearly see the stainless steel cabinet. With the blessing of the lamp belt, the hard core temperament comes out. The overall color matching is classic black and white gray, and then some log colors to add a warm atmosphere. If I don't say, I really can't see that it's a stainless steel cabinet. The texture still looks solid.



I think the countertop is more exquisite than the cabinet door. Today's cabinets generally use quartz stone, marble and rock plate as the countertop, but this countertop is directly covered on the cabinet, and then bonded with adhesives such as glass glue. You can touch the table top by backhand from the inside of the cabinet. Therefore, when we cut vegetables vigorously at ordinary times, the dust attached to the table will continue to fall into the cabinet because of the strong vibration, polluting the dishes and chopsticks in the cabinet. However, fadior cabinet is specially equipped with a stainless steel top cover plate above the cabinet to prevent dust, insects, ants and water stains from polluting the items in the cabinet.



The adhesive bonded to the table is easy to age, turn black and ugly, and even water seepage.If the cabinet is made of wood, water stains will penetrate under the countertop along the four sides of the countertop. For a long time, the board is easy to mildew and rot and breed a large number of bacteria. Many families have this situation, but many people don't know because they can't see it. For example, many owners of old kitchens know that the cabinet board under the countertop has been moldy and rotten to the extent that they can't bear to witness when they dismantle the old cabinets.



04 Only after using the kitchen can you know what material to choose. If possible, go to the stainless steel cabinet !

There are not many brands of stainless steel cabinets on the market. In fact, many times, the public's vision is led by the market. Because there are few stainless steel cabinets, everyone is still confused. It is really strongly recommended that you go to the physical store to experience it. Stainless steel cabinet is free from mildew, deformation and insects; The stainless steel cabinet door is easy to scrub; Stainless steel countertop can be in direct contact with food, high temperature resistant, and the sauce is not refreshing. If your budget is limited, the cabinet can be made of stainless steel. If you still think it's over budget, at least the floor cabinet should be made of stainless steel.



Fundamentally speaking, the popularity of emerging things is not due to more product advertising, but the urgent needs of consumers. Stainless steel cabinet is environment-friendly and healthy, easy to clean, moisture-proof and durable, and recyclable. Many advantages make it known as totally better than traditional wooden cabinet. With the progress of technology, the appearance design and workmanship of stainless steel cabinet fly thousands of miles. With the fashion trend and high appearance value, it is known as the new favorite of the majority of family chefs.


Stainless steel cabinet [Luca] - real scene of the owner's installation







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