Guangzhou Construction Expo | Stunning Appearance of Fadior New Collection

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  • Date:2021/08/02

.On July 20th -23rd , the 23rd Guangzhou Construction Expo opened grandly. With the opening of the exciting morning meeting, Fadior stainless steel artistic kitchen cabinet booth ushered in the climax of the exhibition, the scene was very popular and the grand occasion was unprecedented.


01 Grand Opening of CBD Fair



Fadior's red exhibition hall is unique among the venues and is extremely eye-catching. This year, the Fadior venue adopts closed management, and spectators who scan the QR code are queuing to enter the venue.






02 New Products Unveiled


Fadior stainless steel whole house customized new products were unveiled, and the dazzling design attracted many audiences to watch.



Fadior's 10th Anniversary Image Kitchen Cabinet - [Initial Heart]


Fadior's Third-Generation Stainless Steel Wardrobe - [Scarlet]


Fadior's Third Generation Stainless Steel Wardrobe - [Champs Elysee]


Fadior Stainless Steel Whole House Custom Series


03 Hot Spot for Business


Fadior's newly developed stainless steel furniture collection has attracted major businessmen from all over the country. More interested customers are visiting Fadior headquarters.


04 Online Broadcast

Media influencer live and diversified online and offline marketing methods empower the brand. 


July 20th, Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinet official video live broadcast and Jiuzheng Building Materials Network Online Interview Live was taking thousands of audience to explore the venue virtually.



July 21st, we are pleased to invited famous cross-border designer Qin Si to come to our booth for a live interview.

05 Leisure Coffee Time

During the exhibition, Fadior's booth will send free freshly ground coffee from time to time, allowing the audience to experience the charm of gourmet food and stainless steel healthy and beautiful home.


Leisurely coffee time


06 Designer Forum


At 14:00 on July 22, the "2021 Design New Forces Summit Forum and the "2021 Stainless Steel Customization Industry White Paper" Release Ceremony" was grandly held!


Leaders of industry associations, senior media, and well-known designers Lin Zhihui, Qiao Bo and Dong Lan attended the scene.


07 Cocktail Party


On the evening of July 22, a cocktail party was held at the Fadior Stainless Steel Art Kitchen Cabinet Headquarters. Designer friends and franchisee partners from all over the country gathered together to talk about the grand event of the Expo.



For more information on the construction fair and new products, please pay attention to the follow-up report of Fadior stainless steel art kitchen cabinets.






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