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  • Date:2021/10/25

Recently a friend of home [email protected] is having home decoration, who asks her for advice of good integral kitchen brands.


Requirements are : 

1. There will be a baby at home, so the material of the cabinet should be environmentally friendly.

2. Diversified design options to meet the needs of customization;

3. Love niche brands with the right quality and tone.

@Bainiaotong recommended her friend the leading brand of stainless steel kitchen cabinet - Fadior.


During the weekend, @Bainiaotong and her friends went to Fadior Shanghai flagship store at Triumph Road to experience the stainless steel kitchen cabinets on site.


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We went to the nearest Fadior store at Triumph Road. When entering the store, I couldn't wait to browse. The cabinet in the store is displayed in accordance with the style partition, and each series highlights its unique style to attract consumers with different tastes. Each series is unique, and each series has a name.



We quickly focused on three series, and it was love at first sight.

Fadior stainless steel cabinet [Borderless] ↓





Fadior stainless steel cabinet [Goteborg] ↓





Fadior stainless steel cabinet [Burj Al] ↓



Under the warm hospitality of the store manager, we sat down and talked about our needs. My friend plans to move in in October, and is currently looking for a desired design of kitchen cabinet, which can effectively integrate with the existing needs.


◎ All appliances can be embedded as much as possible (dishwasher, steam oven, baking oven, etc.).

◎ I love the sense of design, but try not to deviate from practicability. The materials should be environmentally friendly and meet the living habits of my family. It is easy to take care of.

◎ The function should meet the customization, can be unique with a sense of luxury, matching the whole house style.


After listening to our appeal, the store manager smiled and recommended [Burj Al] to us without hesitation.


Official picture ↓


[Burj Al] is a stainless steel cabinet developed by Fadior for the Exhibition of Building Materials in Dubai in 2014. The design inspiration comes from the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.


[Burj Al] series consists of two large functional areas: built-in integrated cabinet + open semi-circular bar. Built-in design, hidden beauty, large area of white with black and silver overlap of the basic color system, is really a sustainable beauty, but also make the whole space look bright.





This kitchen model has applied crystal lacquer door, as the name goes, lacquer surface is clear as crystal, we mistook it at the beginning as tempered glass.


Introduced by the store manager, the door panel is the BMW painting imported from Europe. Generally speaking, the whole door panel is made of 220° car paint baking process. The surface is smooth as a mirror, high temperature resistant, easy to take care of, and truly achieve high environmental protection standards.





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