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  • By:Fadior
  • Date:2021/10/25

Built-in Appliance Area-Seeing from a distance here is a pure white board, in fact, the inside is a surprise: the refrigerator is hidden there !



Central Area --- the world of built-in oven, steam oven, microwave in a line, which is really convenient to operate. All sizes are customizable.



On the left is the touch-screen multi-media display area, which can be connected to the Internet. We can listen to music, check the menu and watch a short video while we are cooking. Our body is cooking and our soul is also dancing.





The cabinet on the left is designed for Kessebohmer pull-out basket with stainless steel frame, super strong holding capacity! Multi-layers storage, efficient use of space, double-sided accessible, no dead corner, easy to take and put, very humanized design. Of course, if you feel that the basket is too high, don't worry, the height can be adjustable accordingly.





Magic Basket Storage Area ↓



Future window, experiences the power of new technology. Touch switch, makes everything under control.



304 stainless steel + solid wood semi-circular bar + cooking station, this area is also my favorite design area. Semi-circular + semi-open design, with privacy and cooking pleasure.




The use of 304 stainless steel makes cooking more care-free than ever. Compared with quartz stone countertop, its advantages are more obvious:  Integrated design with no dead corner, easy to clean, durable against heat, moist, mold or corrosion which can be used for over 30 years. Wood slab countertop neutralize the industrial style of stainless steel material, so that the whole atmosphere is more soft and relaxed.



It only needs a soft damp rag to clean it easily.



On the right side of kitchen, there is also a big storage space for wines and decorations, which is a perfect design for wine lovers to entertain friends.




Generally speaking, the experience of Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinet is a big delight for us, it is not only healthy, durable and functional, the modern style can nicely represent the taste of owner, which left us a deep impression that I and my friend will surely consider Fadior for our new home decoration.




Compared with traditional kitchen cabinets, fadio integral cabinet is more compatible with modern young people's life and home concept no matter from the design concept or practicability.


In the words of a friend, Fadio is the life expert who really understands young people. left





Its outstanding spirit of reform has brought us a quality of life that far exceeds its price tag. From a traditional layout to a modern innovative concept kitchen, what we have is not just a few square meters, what we have is life.






We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

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