Luxurious Kitchen Designs That Loved by Big Families

  • By:Fadior
  • Date:2021/11/19

For kitchen design, what kind of vision do you have? Come and see what the home expert XiaXiaDanNi said.


XiaXiaDanNi has been living in her new home for 3 years. For her own kitchen, XiaXiaDanNi is not very satisfied. In daily use, many functions and operation lines are found to be unpractical. For this reason, she often pays attention to some domestic and foreign cabinet brands, hoping that one day the kitchen can be remodeled.


Recently, Fadior kitchen that XiaXiaDanNi has been paying attention to has opened a master customization pavilion in Chongqing, so she decided to go to the shop to visit and experience the type of product that has not been tried before - 304 stainless steel kitchen cabinets.



Fadior Master Custom Pavilion is designed by the internationally renowned designer Dr. Liang Jinghua, and has extremely strict standards for overall style and detail control. In the conspicuous position of the exhibition hall is the new Chinese stainless steel cabinet designed by Dr. Liang Jinghua.





Commercial kitchen stainless steel cabinets are a type of product that I have never tried before, and it is still very innovative to use in home kitchens. On the basis of ensuring style and texture, Fadior custome stainless steel cabinet pay more attention to the environmental protection and health of materials, which are more suitable for the lifestyle of the rich.


From the outside, it seems that everyone installs the same kitchen, but when you compare it carefully, it's actually different everywhere. More advanced cabinets are not only reflected in the design and texture, but also the control of the choice of materials and details. This is the core value of a good cabinet.




The whole cabinet is made of stainless steel, which solves the problems of damp and mildew and bacteria breeding. It is more resistant to high temperature, does not deform, and is easy to clean, making the cooking process more comfortable.




The large storage space of this indoor stainless steel kitchen cabinets enable you to pull all necessary items inside with enough space for electrical appliances. Drawers and shelf cabinets also make great use of space for storage, and items are neatly stored and easy to take.




Rock City is my favorite, which is in contemporary industrial style. The simple color and line are the best presentation.



The countertop is made of rock slabs imported from Spain, and the base cabinet door is made of sandstone-like stone grain painting developed by Fadior. With its magnetic induction cooking system, pots can be heated when placed in the island countertop. Multiple pots can be heated at the same time and low-temperature energy-saving conditions can be maintained when there are no pots.




Recently wireless rail socket charging is very popular, one rail with multiple sockets to meet the simultaneous use of various home appliances, flexible, beautiful and convenient.


The multi-functional island integrates functions such as a meal preparation table, a dining table, a cooking area, a storage cabinet, a bar counter, and a work table. It is convenient for people in the kitchen to communicate with family and friends in the living room while cooking with more space and more interaction.



A high-level life is not just about the glamorous appearance, but more about the pursuit of details. Fadior cabinets with customized design to create a luxurious kitchen for you, are you in love with it? 





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