Minimalist Kitchen Design | How is the state of returning to nature and true?

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  • Date:2021/06/30

Fadior's new Chinese-style stainless steel cabinet "Ink Rhyme", white door panels, matte black decoration and original wooden cabinet panels, designer got the inspiration from Huizhou Style  architecture, it is like the mist and rain in the south of the Yangtze River which is picturesque.


The whitewashed walls of Huizhou architecture are similar to the pavilions in the south of the Yangtze River. They both pay attention to artistic conception, geomantic omen and rhythm. They are the unique elegance and beauty of Chinese ink painting.




The large white door panel is decorated only with black stripes, which is simple and pure. This blank technique is the highest state of artistic beauty.


In Chinese painting and calligraphy, there is a saying that "the ink is divided into colorful colors, and the white is regarded as black".




It means that where there is ink, there are words, and where there is no ink, it is also words; where ink is inked, it gives people a clear and intuitive direction, and the blank area has a profound and mysterious meaning. The ink is dripping, the ink is blended, the virtual and the real coexist, and the wonderland is endless.



The white space of Huizhou architecture is a profound and implicit interpretation of traditional Chinese culture and the reproduction of the philosophical idea of "Harmony between Man and Nature".


Large white walls, a bit of blue tiles, and a few dead wood sticking out of the high wall, the kind of simple simple slips that are just right, blend with nature, and are extremely spiritual.


The architect Van der Rohe has a very logical saying-"Less is more".


Master Patrick Leung, Fadior's image spokesperson, also advocated "Simple is the best".


When a space is stripped to the fewest elements, that element becomes the focal point. Fadior's stainless steel kitchen cabinet "Ink Rhyme" has the key pattern decoration, which is the focal point.


The life of modern urban people is tedious, depressed, and anxious, and their hearts are more eager to return to simplicity, purity, and authenticity. "Ink Rhyme" constructs such a simple and pure space: people return to a clean, relaxed, and spiritual home.




The works of Master Patrick Leung, Fadior's image spokesperson, Simple is the best.


The simpler, the more you can feel the beauty of art. But this simplicity is not blindly simplification. The meticulous storage and functional design of "Ink Rhyme" is diametrically opposed to its simple appearance.


This style of design, which is simple outside and complicated inside, has the same origin as Huizhou architecture.




The quaint and unpretentious dwellings, with finely crafted interior decorations.


The Hui-style buildings mostly use stone, brick, and wood as materials, advocating true colors, and rarely use color to outline. The overall appearance is simple and pure, but the details are decorated with exquisite carving patterns and patterns to demonstrate the strong financial resources of Huizhou merchants’ family heritage.


Therefore, when we look at Huizhou architecture, the exterior is simple and unpretentious, but the interior is rich and refined. This design embodies the low-key and calm survival wisdom for businessmen. It shows Fadior is not just making stainless steel kitchen cabinet, but an art that can stand the test of time.





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