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  • Date:2022/03/24

Have you ever had this experience: every time you go to a new place, what impresses you most is not the famous sights, but the ordinary corners hidden deep in the city --- The cafe on the street corner, the gourmet shop hidden in the alley, the cat cafe by the park. That kind of inadvertently encountered surprise retains your good mood in that unfamiliar city. Shiratori Hitomi is a home blogger who likes to travel. She likes to visit various interesting shops during her travels. Recently, when she was traveling in Haikou, she found a stainless steel cabinet showroom with the theme of starry sky and universe.





As a home blogger, life and hobbies always go hand in hand. I have traveled to many cities over the years, and unknowingly visiting the store has become a compulsory course on every trip. I have been traveling in Haikou for the past few days, and I have searched the Internet for shop exploration strategies. The "Fadior" store made my eyes shine, the design is ingenious, and it can make a blockbuster. And the overall kitchen cabinet is also the home lifestyle we have been yearning for, so we decided to unveil its mystery.


See what a kitchen cabinet with more than 500,000 looks like


After an in-depth conversation with the store manager, I learned that they are the leading enterprise of high-end stainless steel integrated kitchen cabinets in China. From custom-made kitchen cabinets to custom-made stainless steel whole-house cabinets such as wardrobes, wine cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and balcony cabinets, everything is available. As the general trend of future home life, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are environmentally friendly, recyclable, easy to clean, etc., integrating thousands of advantages. After experiencing it, I realized that it is really good, and I still can't help but want to recommend for the people around me. The Fadior store in Haikou is even more worth a visit. It is built by a team of new domestic designers, Li Yi. Entering the store, you will feel the beauty of the star universe. Several planets in the atrium hover and hang quietly. Turning around and stepping forward, a large starry sky wall came into view. In the deep atmosphere created by the lights, I saw the eyes of the stars.



Figure | Fadior Haikou Master Museum


Following the starlight, I was completely immersed in the joy of visiting the store. FADIOR's kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles, and each collection has its own name and is unique. Walking through the starry sky corridor, a set of parallelogram kitchen cabinets especially gave me a visual shock. It turns out that this set is the "Euclid" model of kitchen cabinets that have won awards at international exhibitions.


Photo map | Fadior Stainless Steel Cabinets



This special model of stainless steel kitchen cabinets mainly have three functional areas: kitchen island + console + built-in area. The pattern on the kitchen cabinet surface is inspired by oracle bone inscriptions in ancient times, and boldly uses stainless steel antique red copper free pattern, which is durable and tasteful.


 Figure | Fadior Stainless Steel Cabinets - Embossed Texture/Beveled Handle-less Doors


The entire kitchen cabinet is made of stainless steel from the inside to the outside, which is resistant to high temperature and easy to take care of without peculiar smell. Abandoning the glue bonding process of traditional plywood kitchen cabinets, it is truly healthy and environmentally friendly, and at the same time has artistic beauty. The most unexpected thing is that there is a refrigerator hidden in the kitchen cabinet, which greatly improves the overall aesthetics. Built-in ovens, microwave ovens, and other appliances can be tailored according to the size, which is perfectly integrated with the overall kitchen cabinet.


Figure | Fadio stainless steel cabinets


The operating table is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. The process design that integrates the countertop, water retaining strip and sink, you can't see a trace of splicing, and visually achieves a seamless effect. There is no need to worry about cracking, and there will be no mildew and bacteria. Even if it is stained with oil, it will be clean by gently wiping. Compared with traditional quartz stone countertops, its excellent performance is obvious.


(The table becomes clean after wiping)


 Figure | Fadior stainless steel cabinets


The most amazing facade is the "primary color mosaic slate". The texture of Spanish volcanic rock, the surface is treated with special technology, and the color is optimized and upgraded. The color is elegant and stable, neutralizing a little coldness brought by the stainless steel material, making the whole kitchen more flamboyant. I took a real knife and real fire to appreciate the power of slate. The lighter burns for a long time, it hardly changes color, and even I sharpen the knife on the countertop and it is not damaged.



 Figure | Fadior Stainless Steel Cabinets - Slate Countertops


Of course, I love the sense of design, but also take into account the practicality. Fadior has a lot of detail that balances the two in particular to be commended.


①The first choice is the rebound drawer

I think that when cooking women are showing off their skills in the kitchen, they often have the dilemma that their hands are filled with various ingredients or stained with oil, and it is difficult to open and close the drawer. At this time, the drawer can be freely opened and closed with only one knee. When in a hurry, it can easily clear the siege.


②Induction kitchen cabinet downlight

Due to the occlusion of the kitchen cabinet and the limited illumination of the light, many times the light is far from enough. The induction downlight can be turned on at any time, and you can easily control the switch with a wave of your hand. Although it is only a very small function, this kind of peace of mind and ease is irreplaceable.


Figure | Fadior Stainless Steel Cabinet - Infrared Induction Cabinet Bottom Light


③ Future window can automatically rise upwards

Traditional manual switch kitchen cabinets, bumps and bumps often occur. With the smart future window, cooking becomes elegant.


Figure | Fadior stainless steel cabinet - blum hinge

  To do a good job of kitchen cabinets, it is far from enough to just do some "superficial work", because it cannot stand the test of consumers. Fadior kitchen cabinets are made of sophisticated materials, both inside and out. All its hinges and slides are made of Austrian Blum hardware, which is durable and the stainless steel material is officially certified, enough to accompany us for a lifetime.



Figure | Fadior stainless steel cabinets


From stainless steel to slate, from atmospheric design to heart-warming intelligence, Fadior has already considered everything for us. It has found the best balance between design and practicality, and understands the real needs of urban young people for kitchens. After visiting Fadior, I deeply felt that the kitchen can be a holy place for cooking or a paradise for socializing.


Figure | Shiratori Hitomi visits the store real shot


Cooks are probably the hardest working people in the family, they need to be seen and cared for. I hope that more and more brands can be as innovative and quality-oriented as Fadior, making our cooking more enjoyable and easier.


Figure | Shiratori Hitomi visits the store





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