Outdoor Wood Cabinets vs. Stainless Steel Cabinets

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  • Date:2021/05/10

You want to form the foremost of your investment when designing your outdoor kitchen. A high-quality outdoor kitchen is going to be beautiful, durable, customizable, and long-lasting. one of the foremost important considerations for designing a durable outdoor kitchen is that the material you decide on for your cabinets. Because the kitchen is going to be outdoors, you'll need weather strong cabinets. There are two popular options for you to design your home: wood kitchen cabinets and stainless steel kitchen cabinets.


Wood Cabinets


Wood is that the hottest material for indoor clique designs, but it is often used outdoors also. This natural material helps bring the indoors to the surface, and therefore the color is often customized using paint or stain. Although wood goes well with most outdoor furniture and is suitable for an outside space, this material has disadvantages. Extended periods of moisture will cause wood to rot, requiring replacement. Repeated cycles of getting wet then drying out causes wood to swell and shrink, leading to cracking and degradation of the structure’s integrity.


Additionally, exposure to the weather will damage the finish over time, requiring repainting or replacement. Wood is additionally flammable, often requiring a chrome steel sleeve or grill cabinet to be placed round the grill. While pressure-treated wood and cement backer board can help mitigate heat and moisture, it's important to be mindful that wood cabinets placed outside will always require maintenance. Also keep this in mind if you're watching wooden outdoor furniture to fill your outdoor entertainment space.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


Stainless steel is an alloy composed of iron and a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The presence of chromium is significant because it deters the chrome steel from rusting. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are always in both 304 and 316 (marine grade) chrome steel. Both grades are top quality and sturdy , although 316 is more immune to corrosion and is usually reserved for locations that are vulnerable to it, like near saltwater. While bare chrome steel is an appealing option, it must be properly maintained and frequently cleaned to avoid rust, corrosion, scratches, or stains. With regular maintenance, these grades of chrome steel are very immune to heat and chemicals, won't rust, and can maintain structural integrity — making them the right choice for outdoor cabinetry.


Why chrome steel is that the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets


Stainless steel is that the best material for your outdoor lebensraum and outdoor kitchen design. it's resilient, durable, and ready to withstand weather effects and everyday wear and tear when properly maintained. We offer a powder coat finish on our stainless steel kitchen cabinets to supply even more protection. When powder coated, our cabinets are virtually maintenance-free. Our powder coat color palette includes any color to fit your style, also as realistic wood finishes which will offer you the design of wood without equivalent maintenance requirements.


Due to the sturdiness of powder-coated stainless steel kitchen cabinets, we always recommend a powder coat finish. Indeed, over 90% of the kitchens manufactured in our Connecticut factory are powder coated. we've seen virtually no instances of rust or degradation of powder-coated surfaces within the over 20 years that we've been manufacturing our kitchens.


While wood cabinets are undoubtedly a beautiful option for your outdoor kitchen area, the upkeep requirements are numerous. thanks to the limited maintenance, powder-coated chrome steel outdoor kitchens are the higher investment. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a good range of customization for your outdoor kitchen, with many options for color, cabinet door styles, cabinet sizes, and layouts.





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