Spring's Perfect Match-A Lovely New Design “Forest Whisper”

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  • Date:2021/04/12

"The light rain brings new flowers, and the thunder awakens."

In the season of waking up, spring air sprouts and all things are full of vitality.


Here is a small fresh style design, perfect match with spring!


Refreshing Kitchen


Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinet


304 stainless steel cabinet + door panel, moisture-proof and heat-resistant, high temperature, high humidity and high smoke environment, no mildew, no swelling, no deformation, anti pollution, easy to clean, easy to care, any type of house can be customized.



The appearance of light gray green adds a quiet texture to the space.


Soft and pure tone with a natural refreshing charming atmosphere, the sharp hardness of stainless steel softened, the kitchen is no longer greasy. It's a nice kitchen, isn't it~


Refreshing Restaurant


Fadior stainless steel cupboard


304 stainless steel cabinet + door panel, wall mounted design, scratch resistant and wear-resistant, moisture-proof and pollution-resistant.



The stainless steel cupboard cabinet with the same design and tonality as the kitchen cabinet is fresh and pleasant. It's like being in the hot and cold spring in March.


Sunny afternoon, make a pot of coffee, holding a lovely cat pet, nest in the sofa quietly reading, full of happiness.


Elegant Bedroom


Fadior premium wardrobe


Micro-X aluminum material, double door structure, environmental protection and moisture-proof, intelligent lighting, fine storage.



A top-to-top design, elegant atmosphere, beige yellow door panel with glass, fashionable and witty, soft and quiet, showing the natural wild.


The ice cold feeling of Micro-X aluminum and metal is neutralized by the soft color matching of appearance, which makes it more comfortable and sweet visually.



Vitality Balcony


Fadior stainless steel balcony cabinet


304 stainless steel cabinet + door panel, mint green Micro-X finish, no discoloration, no deformation, no cracking in wind and rain and sun.

Spring quietly came to our home, the light mint green in the sun, like tender grass leaves in early spring, quietly stretched out the balcony, stained with dew, making people happy.


This kind of balcony cabinet perfectly matched with spring, with the vitality to unlock the happiness of home!





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