The 4 Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Stainless Steel Appliances

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  • Date:2021/04/12

Stainless steel cabinet is quickly becoming the quality for contemporary, durable appliances. But it can sometimes be tricky to seek out cabinet colors that make stainless steel stand out the way you would like. During this article, we’ll go over: The 4 best colors for stainless steel cabinets.


Cabinet color 1: White

You can’t fail with all white cabinets.

In order to make the kitchen look more stylish and modern, please choose white flat cabinets to match stainless steel appliances. Or, for a more traditional look, accompany white or off-white Shaker cabinets or classic raised panel cabinets.


Cabinet color 2: Grey

Looking to make a classy, contemporary vibe in your kitchen? accompany various reminder grey.

Pair your chrome steel appliances with a gray either darker or lighter than the stainless steel:

Dark grey will offer you a moodier look which will help the stainless steel pop. Light grey will create an airier look that accents the stainless steel cabinet.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to match your cabinet color with the shade of stainless steel. this might wash out the appliances, making them disappear against the cupboards.

If you wish the thought of decorating in several reminder greys, accompany dark grey walls for light grey cabinets and lightweight grey walls for dark grey cabinets. Contrasting the sunshine and dark on cabinets and walls will help avoid your kitchen from being too dark or too light.


Cabinet color 3: Blue

Blue will create a classic, calming kitchen—giving you a touch of color without going overboard. the good thing about stainless steel is that it is often paired with dark or light blue cabinet colors.


Going with:

The light blue cabinets will never go out of style and help brighten up your kitchen. The dark blue cabinets will give you a warm feeling and add a bold and sophisticated look to your kitchen. 

Blue cabinet colors—both light and dark—work well with white walls or, if you wish the thought of going with various shades, contrast your blue cabinets with a special shade of blue on the walls.

You can also use blue cabinets and stainless steel appliances with gray tones, or, to create a more interesting and bold kitchen, you can also use them with cool colors such as green and purple.


Cabinet color 4: Natural wood

Believe it or not, the textures and warm brown colors of natural wood are a gorgeous contrast to the sleek silver of stainless steel.


You can choose:

Dark wood cabinet stains make the appearance more dramatic. Dark wood cabinets match the bold wall colors very well.

Lighter wood cabinet stains make your kitchen look lighter and warmer. The light-colored wooden cabinets match the warm neutral wall colors (beige, taupe, off-white, etc.).





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