The Difference Between European Style Kitchen And American Style Kitchen

  • By:Fadior
  • Date:2021/09/30

One small but important difference in an average American kitchen Versus European style kitchen cabinets is the absence of a window. In an average American kitchen, the kitchen window is usually a large glass pane fixed directly above the stove and/or refrigerator. This gives the kitchen a very open and spacious look. In contrast, in most European kitchens, the kitchen window is almost always attached to some type of cabinetry (typically tiled or marble) and is therefore much smaller than the American equivalent. The result is a kitchen that looks cramped and closed off from the rest of the house even though the window does open out.

Another big difference between American and European style kitchens involves the number of cabinets in the design. While in many an average american kitchen there is as few as three cabinets, in many typical european kitchens there are as many as ten cabinets (or more). This is obviously because in many european kitchens there are limited or no places for appliances to be stored when they are not in use. In an average american kitchen the situation is somewhat different; we typically have at least one place for a stove, one for a fridge, and one for a microwave all of which are often very roomy indeed.

The final big difference between the two styles is found in the flooring of the kitchen. In most european kitchens the floors are generally ceramic tile or wood, while in the United States most homes are built with hardwood flooring. This is not the case in most European kitchens however, as in many of the homes of the french the floors are made of granite rather than tile or wood. The result is a kitchen that has a warm and rustic feel rather than the cool and sterile feeling of many American kitchens. These European kitchen styles are something that can easily be adapted to most current home styles.


One other thing that the two styles share is the number of cabinet faces. Unlike the average american kitchen style, in most of the homes of european style kitchens the cabinets are much larger than normal. This means that more space is available for you to move about your kitchen style and utilize the open floor plan. Also in these kitchens the doors to the cabinets are typically wide rather than thin and are even finished rather than painted. These features make the kitchen style feel less like a work of art and more like a functional room in your home.


If you're looking to design an authentic looking modern European style kitchen cabinet then the best thing to do is find old french furniture that you can buy, or start by finding reproduction pieces. Many of the most popular styles of reproduction furniture are very similar to the look of old french furniture. The key is to find a style that is a bit more contemporary and still has the characteristic look of old french furniture. One very interesting look to try out is the transitional kitchen cabinet face. Transitional kitchen cabinet faces consist of two pieces of cabinet face constructed from the same or similar materials such as wood and glass, then have a glass panel attached to the front of one of the pieces to create a transition.


These kinds of kitchen styles can add a real classic look to any home and are a real focal point for any kitchen. Another great feature of these transitional kitchen styles is the fact that they are fairly easy to install. Transitional kitchens tend to be smaller kitchens that only have a couple of cabinets. They are usually fitted out with standard size kitchen doors and have the usual knobs and handles you would expect. Try one of these out for yourself today!





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