What Is Fadior Full House Customization ?

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  • Date:2021/08/10

Full house customization is an exclusive home made by house furnishing industries based on large scale production, according to unique consumer demand and as per user's individual design needs. The traditional furniture made for homes is becoming somewhat outmoded due to the new designs and ways of living. 


However, the modern furnishing industry based on new technologies, is coming up with a full house customized furnishing solution to meet with the demands of a very dynamic and demanding customer segment. While the older furniture is becoming obsolete, and while the traditional furniture making methodologies are being superseded by the new methods, most of the modern furnishing are quite popular in terms of design, and its adaptability to different styles and settings, is also quite commendable.


Modern full house customization is an integral part of the product life cycle. It starts with idea generation and designing process and involves many other phases such as material selection, measurement, woodworking, fabrication and other aspects. The full house customization can be done through either woodworking machinery or by using advanced software programs. The former involves designing, cutting down the plans, coming up with the woodworking machine based on the design criteria, makings the custom-made furniture and finally the transportation and delivery.


Fadior's high-end stainless steel custom furniture is another full house customization solution. Many people are looking forward to buy personalized furniture for their homes, that are available at affordable prices. This furniture customization allows the buyer to get exactly what they want by customizing it. You can use the money that you save in not buying low quality customized furniture to buy better, more appropriate and suitable furniture for your home.





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