For the design of children’s room, the first thing parents consider, is environmental protection. Children’s immune systems are more fragile than adults, so it is more important to choose non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly products in home furnishings. Fadior for children’s room customization needs, the launch of the children’s room space system, through the stainless steel environmentally friendly substrates and non-glue rigid frame process, for children to create a healthy and environmentally friendly living environment. The material is the basic factor that determines the environmental protection of the children’s room. Fadior children’s room, the entire room doors, wall panels, closets, desks, and even the ceiling, tatami bed, can choose stainless steel materials. Adopting Fadior’s self-developed non-glue rigid frame process, from raw materials to the manufacturing process of strict control of environmental protection, all-round to create a healthy and safe living environment for children. Green material: avoid the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. ◎ No glue manufacturing: no need to ventilate and dissipate the smell, ready to install and live without waiting. Stainless steel wall with various colors Accept customized drawing A child’s perception of color is very important as he or she grows. The choice of bright and colorful patterns for the wallpaper of the room can enlighten the child’s imagination and creativity. Wallpaper for children’s room rooms can also be made of stainless steel to reduce the use of glue and the release of harmful substances. ◎ Can be customized according to the child’s preferences to customize different styles, styles rich and diverse. ◎ Water seepage and termite resistant, no mold, no odor. ◎ Durable, ten years like new. Children’s nature is more lively, active, like to paint on the walls. Stainless steel siding washable without mold, stains easy to clean and care, very suitable for children’s rooms.

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