Many families like to use wooden doors as interior doors when decorating, but often after installation only to find that the wooden door has a fatal disadvantage: easy to heat cracking, easy to deformation by moisture. With the upgrading of the decoration demand, whether it is home improvement or engineering decoration, are in pursuit of high-quality, high-grade and differentiated characteristics of building materials products.

So stainless steel interior doors, in the field of high-grade decoration, gradually become a new alternative to ordinary solid wood doors, aluminum doors.

In 2023, Fadior launched stainless steel interior doors based on market demand and enterprise development strategy.

Compared with the current market of solid wood doors and aluminum doors, what are the advantages and features of Fadior stainless steel doors?

First, environmental health

Whether the product is environmentally friendly, is determined by the substrate and production process.

The main environmental doors on the market, whether it is solid wood doors or paint-free doors, ecological doors, are inevitable brush glue, paint.

Fadior stainless steel door, the surface material is stainless steel, the internal filler for the aluminum alloy profile, the production follows the Fadior independent research and development of non-glue rigid frame process, the whole process does not use a drop of glue.

Green metal substrate and no glue process, determines the Fadio stainless steel door of environmental protection, is solid wood doors, composite doors and even aluminum doors can not be compared.

For families with pregnant women, the elderly and children, sensitive to odor, the pursuit of the ultimate environmental protection of the home environment, Fadior stainless steel door to avoid the formaldehyde trouble, for the family to bring a healthier and safer living environment.

Second, no deformation and cracking

General home improvement mostly use wooden doors, wooden doors generally have a problem: easy to crack and deformation.

The most fundamental reason for this problem is that the wood is susceptible to temperature and humidity changes occur thermal expansion and contraction, thus swelling, warping, cracking.

Fadior stainless steel door from the inside to the outside as well as accessories are made of metal, will not produce thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, natural deformation will not crack.

Wood has a fibrous structure and a large porosity, easy to absorb water from the air.

When the humidity of the external environment is too large, the wood will naturally absorb moisture in the air, which will lead to deformation of the wooden door expansion.

When the external environment is too dry, the moisture content of the wood becomes less, resulting in cracking and warping of the wooden door.

Therefore, in the south of the return to the south, the rainy season, the south of the rainy season, the north of the temperature difference is obvious, dry and cold in winter, as well as humid coastal areas, the choice of Fatior stainless steel doors can avoid the trouble of cracking and deformation of wooden doors and the cost of replacement.

Third, sound insulation mute

Silence is a broad concept, including the sound insulation effect of the door itself, but also includes the noise control when opening and closing the door.

The sound insulation effect of the door depends on the material of the door, the thickness of the door, the internal filler material, as well as the sealing strip and other factors.

Stainless steel has a higher density than wood, which makes it better for soundproofing. Fadior stainless steel door leaf thickness reaches 58mm, Fadior stainless steel door leaf thickness reaches 58mm, the internal use of fully sealed, no gap filling method, the sound conductivity will become weaker.

In addition, Fadior stainless steel door in the door frame added mute dust strip, when closing the door to further reduce the noise generated, but also has the function of dustproof.

Unlike other brands, Fadior stainless steel door dust mute strip is mounted on the door frame profile, rather than glued on, not easy to fall off.

Fourth, security

Fadior stainless steel doors are safer than wooden doors, and can save lives at critical times.

Stainless steel ignition point and melting point than solid wood and aluminum alloy, in case of fire and other emergencies can play the role of fire doors, slowing down the spread of fire, leaving more time for escape.

Because the ignition point of stainless steel is 1450 ° C, melting point is 1500 °.

The ignition point of wood is 200-290°C, and the ignition point of aluminum is about 550°C.

Therefore, residential decoration, especially high-rise residential, choose Fadior stainless steel door, to protect the family life safety plays an extremely important role.

Decoration is a complicated overall project, need to choose in every detail with care, inconspicuous interior door also carries a lot of thought.

Fadior stainless steel interior doors, adhering to the brand’s consistent concept of healthy living, stainless steel environmental protection materials and the ultimate craftsmanship design, to create a safe and reliable home for users.

Safe whole house, starting from the door!

Stainless steel whole house customization, choose Fadior.

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