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Choose Stainless (Stain) Steel Commercial Kitchen Cabinets for Your Restaurant


Commercial kitchens are constructed to provide amenities to business owners who are engaged in restaurant businesses. These facilities are utilized to prepare and store food on a large scale in a kitchen. In a commercial kitchen, virtually all food demands continuous physical contact with kitchen tools and gear. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent food exposure to dangerous substances is using stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets. Foods that touch food-grade stain steel kitchen cabinets and equipment, together with exceptional sanitation, are safe for ingestion and won't attain any poisonous properties.


What Type of Stainless Steel Material Should Be Chosen for Your Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Cabinets

People in commercial kitchens utilize cabinets to prepare or stock meals. All these stainless steel kitchen cabinets have to be made of food-grade stainless steel material to reduce contamination of the food. In fabricating food-grade stainless steel commercial cabinets, you will find two stainless steel material options that you could pick from.


304 Stainless Steel

The 304 stainless steel is the most commonly used type of stainless steel. It's composed of both chromium-nickel and low carbon components that provide the stainless steel these attributes:

Rust-resistant: The 304 stainless steel is able to resist corrosion against almost all chemicals. With 18% chromium and 8% nickel austenitic alloy, this stainless steel can stop contamination of food in stain steel kitchen cabinets because there'll be no formation of rust and other toxic agents from corrosion.


Durable: With the essence of stainless steel being lasting, there is no doubt that this kind of stainless steel could acquire the identical feature. This is helpful for heavy-duty food and tool storage for stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets.

Flexible: This kind of stainless steel can be processed in almost any form and dimension. Besides kitchen usage, the 304 stainless steel is also used to create materials for building, cars, storage tanks, as well as many others.

Sterile: Considering that the steel will not rust for quite a while, it's ensured that cabinets made with this type of stainless steel are simpler to care for. Rust will not be a problem any longer.


316 Stainless Steel

In the process of choosing materials for stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets, the 316 stainless steel has virtually all of the composition of the 304 stainless steel. In addition to the mentioned features of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel has other advantages:

Solvent resistant: The oxidation resistance of the 316 stainless steel is significantly more obvious compared to 304 stainless steel as a result of its additional molybdenum compound makeup. This stainless steel can resist industrial-grade solvents like chlorine and sulphuric acid. Cabinets made from this stainless steel are appropriate in high-saline surroundings.


Water-resistant: Apart from chemicals, the 316 stainless steel may also stand up to concentrated water along with some other liquid substance for a long time. This is sometimes useful with medical and marine equipment.


Although the exceptional attributes of the 316 stainless steel, cabinet made from this material may cost more money than that made with the 304 stainless steel material. In addition, the qualities of the 304 stainless steel are more than sufficient to appeal to the needs of stainless steel industrial kitchen cabinets. This makes the 304 stainless steel commonly used in making stain steel kitchen cabinets.


The Benefits of Choosing Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Cabinets for Your Restaurant

When it comes right down to it, there are more and more restaurateurs turning into stainless steel cabinets for their commercial kitchens. Stainless steel cabinets offer lots of advantages. There are a number of special reasons as to why you need to think about using them in your commercial kitchen. Let us go ahead and find some of the obvious advantages of stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets below.


1. Clean & Sanitary - First and foremost, your commercial kitchen has to be sanitary and clean so as to maintain your food safe to your guests. Stain steel kitchen cabinets offer the ideal solution for the kitchen environment since they're simpler to clean and easier to sanitize. Stainless Steel is non-porous, meaning that nothing will seep into the cabinets, like juices from the food which you're preparing. With stainless steel kitchen cabinets, you will never need to be concerned about bacterial growth in your kitchen.


2. Elegant Look - Stainless steel cabinets, when kept tidy, pops in your eye. Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets are tasteful and can be made even more appealing when you've got a manufacturing company to design your commercial kitchen specifically for your requirements. The striking appearance of stainless steel also makes it simpler for you to tell when the cabinets are dirt and need to be cleaned.


3. Flexible to Your Needs - Stainless Steel is an easy material to use. Manufacturers will fabricate stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets according to the specific specifications for your needs. Whatever the height, length or width of your commercial kitchen requirements, it could be custom-made for you.


4. Durability - when talking to its durability, harsh chemicals cannot corrode its surface and the food isn’t going to degrade the quality of the material at all. With proper maintenance, your stain steel kitchen cabinets can look as good as the day that you bought them.


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