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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet From Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers


The kitchen is the most popular place in the house. It is not just preparing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. This is where friends, relatives gather for tea or a banquet. The set in the kitchen is subjected to constant environmental influences - water, steam, fire, chemical treatment of working surfaces. The main thing in kitchen interior design is to choose the right kitchen set. The question arises - how to choose a kitchen set correctly from kitchen cabinet manufacturers? What will be the design and what to make, how to choose the right materials, what will be the facades of the future headset and how much furniture may be required?

How to choose a kitchen cabinet from kitchen cabinet manufacturers


Kitchen measurements

It is necessary to make measurements of the room before you start choosing furniture for the kitchen.


Before you go to the store for a headset, you need to measure the space in which it will be located.


It is better to follow several rules and then nothing will be forgotten.


Measurements are made with the aim to know exactly how much space a kitchen set and other furniture can take.


Visually choose the place where what will stand and is an approximate layout.


The next stage is the project. On a piece of paper you draw on the scale, where the headset itself will stand, and where is the technique. The project should have a place for free movement and for all the doors and cabinets to function easily.


Selection and purchase of the headset itself.


To obtain accurate measurements, you need to arm yourself with a tape measure. You need the exact dimensions of the window and door openings, and you should measure the length of the walls and the distance between them, the height of the ceiling, the distance from the floor to the window sill, do not forget to measure the protruding elements - sockets, pipes, switches, and taps. After the data is recorded, it is necessary to design an already detailed kitchen plan. Based on this drawing, it will be possible to determine exactly what the set will be and how to efficiently use the space in the kitchen.


Kitchen layout


Due to the fact that modern headsets are made according to the modular principle, it is possible to leave every corner in the kitchen space empty. It will be very rational to stop the choice on the headset in the shape of the letter P, if the kitchen space allows this model, then you can use the window zone. That will expand the working space for cooking.


According to experienced designers, you should follow a certain sequence for rational space planning:


However, not all kitchens are suitable for this ideal planning option. But thanks to the versatility of the headsets, even for a small room, you can choose a great option. After measurements are made and the project is made, it is possible to start the choice of kitchen set. This is a difficult process - choose a kitchen set. The first thing you need to choose a quality material from which it will be made, well, and the second to pick up the accessories, decide on the facade and come up with a design.


Choosing a quality headset, make sure that the lower cabinets have legs. This will protect the product from moisture, and it is also advisable in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.


Standard sizes and ranges for kitchen furniture


According to experts from kitchen cabinet manufacturers, the working surfaces and the stove should be at different levels, this reduces the load when cooking, but single-level surfaces are often made, as this looks more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. In addition, multi-level furniture should be made to order, and this increases their cost at times.


Manufacturers of kitchen sets act as domestic factories and import. The difference in the price category. For example, domestic products ideally fit small kitchens for quite reasonable money. Most parts are ordered in Europe, so the quality speaks for itself.


Italian cuisine is the best in the world. It is an exquisite design, high-quality assembly, high-strength materials and expensive accessories. Sometimes the prices for such products reach a million. But it's worth it. The truth is that there is a lot of space for such a headset, otherwise, it loses its appeal.


The material from which the future headset will be created must be distinguished by high strength and must also be protected from the effects of water and steam. In order to correctly determine the material, it is necessary to study the characteristics of each type.


The main types of material for the manufacture of kitchen sets:


Chipboard is the main material for the manufacture of headsets, as it is cheap and quite practical. It comes in a variety of colours; it is made of chipboard, which is subsequently coated with a laminate or other resistant material. Along the edges of the parts, there is an edge that protects the product from moisture.


MDF is an environmentally friendly material, at a very reasonable price. It is well tolerated by all sorts of temperature drops, steam exposure, resistant to the appearance of fungus. Furniture for the kitchen, made of this material, is almost no different from furniture made from wood. The colour scheme may be the most diverse.


Solid wood is one of the most expensive materials. Usually, it is oak, ash, walnut or cherry. Solid bars are glued together and treated with special means so that the wood would tolerate moisture well and not dry out. The sets for the kitchen made of the massif of a tree amaze with the esthetics and multifunctionality.


LDSP is laminated by chipboard. Its popularity has earned due to low cost. These are the most economical facades for the kitchen available to the average buyer. But LDSP has its minus. The edge of the parts is poorly protected from moisture, so with prolonged exposure to moisture and steam, it gets unstuck and with time facades swell and become unusable. Therefore, so that this does not happen, at least very quickly, it is imperative to hang the cabinets from the hob approximately at a distance of 60 centimetres.


MDF - unlike LDSP is more practical, but it is also environmentally friendly and safe to use, as part of no formaldehyde resins, as in chipboard. The facades of MDF are popular for their durability, and manufacturers use in the design of various types of finishes, which allows you to save the product even longer. For example, the most popular elements of the finish - veneer, plastic and PVC film. All this protects facades from chips, scratches and temperature effects.


After choosing the material for the future kitchen facade, you need to take care of its coverage. The four main types of coatings are PVC film, acrylic, plastic and enamel.


The first option suits consumers for the price and variety of textures. The kitchen can be decorated brightly and dynamically. But the film has its main disadvantage - sensitivity to high temperatures. So at a temperature of 100 degrees, the film can be damaged, so in such a kitchen you must carefully use the stove.


It will be more practical to choose - plastic. It will protect the furniture from chipping and scratching, it is possible to choose any colour scheme. Minus plastic is its cost.


Also, facades can be painted with enamel, but this is not a very practical option. Over time, the paint loses its brightness, and very noticeable chips and scratches appear on the headset.


A good kitchen set should be roomy, safe, comfortable and of high quality. A few decades ago, we had to be content with small things; almost all the furniture was made according to one standard. Now, any kitchen cabinet can be purchased ready-made or made-to-order according to individual requirements.


Lower kitchen cabinets


Different types of kitchen cabinets can be placed in separate small units or form a solid monolithic figure of several ready-made cabinets.


Main categories of kitchen cabinets from kitchen cabinet manufacturers

A variety of designs determines not only belonging to a certain category but also pricing. You can purchase 4 different options: ready-to-assemble, pre-made modules, simulated cabinets and custom cabinets for individual preferences.


Wall cabinets


The range of materials, sizes and design in the first case is very small. Models of cabinets ready for assembly can be found in chain stores offering household goods. To build furniture was of high quality, it is better to contact a specialist for help.


The most common option today is ready-made modules. They are produced in bulk, in standard sizes. A full cabinet is assembled from several modules at the place where it will be placed. The materials determining the price may be different: particle board, MDF, wood. To create the author's style, you can pick up a number of harmonious accessories.


In the average price range are simulated cabinets. Manufacturers form the catalogues of their products, which you can choose the appropriate option. The shape of the modules is standard, but the size, finish, colour can be changed to order. The quality of the design of this option is much better than the cabinets ready for assembly.


Individual design

The most expensive, but unique species. There are no restrictions on the choice of materials, sizes, colours and accessories. It is the only possible option for the original kitchen, where any standard cabinet will spoil the designed interior.


Choice of kitchen cabinets


Designers and measurers create the most accurate drawings showing all the wishes of the customer. Additionally, dimensions are indicated according to which the manufacturer will reproduce the details of the future author's cabinet.


The assembly of such furniture can be carried out only by a professional. After all, there can be no instruction for a non-standard model. In the event of a defect, the manufacturer must replace the part at no extra charge.


Choose a kitchen cabinet should be responsible. Daily use of furniture should be comfortable, and not cause inconvenience. The price set for various types of kitchen cabinets usually does not include shipping and installation costs. It is worth considering this fact when planning the budget.


How to choose the right style of kitchen

The styles of kitchen sets are very diverse. High-tech, country, classic and modern is especially popular.


The classic style in the headset is wood, glass and natural stones. The product itself is made in bright colours. Built-in appliances, hidden behind the facades. Typically, these headsets are decorated with carvings and balustrades.


As for the country style, it is a combination of wood and artificial materials. The facades are decorated with bright glass or plastic, dominated in country style - elements of nature and rural life.


Hi-tech - materials are used mainly artificial. Glass, metal, and the main focus is on a combination of colours. In the high-tech style the predominance of muted and strict shades.


In any of the listed styles, the headset is made as convenient as possible. This is the presence of all kinds of cabinets, as with folding doors and retractable structures. Metal tubes are also often used, which is very convenient for hanging, both cabinets and all small things. Another option for lockers in the headset is on wheels. Very convenient if space is limited in size.


In choosing the colour for the kitchen cabinet from kitchen cabinet manufacturers, experts advise stopping on the combination of no more than two shades. Also, do not choose too dark shades, firstly, all light visually expands the room, and secondly, the dark colours make the kitchen set dull and inconspicuous.


In conclusion, it should be said, the choice depends only on the personal wishes of the buyer, his material capabilities and the size of the room. A kitchen is a place where humanity spends most of its life; it should be as comfortable and cosy as possible. Therefore, the choice of style, colours, materials from which the future kitchen set will be made should be approached with skill, and it is better to get advice from experts. And then the kitchen will become not only a workspace but a comfortable and favourite habitat for all households.


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