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Core Technology

Panel Retaining Technology

Each panel and cabinet components are designed to retain its form, shape and finish through years of use and exposure to kitchen extreme environment.

220º Baking Finish Technology

Door panels with 220º baking finish are of extraordinary bright color, sleek surface and have anti-scratch performance.

CNC Positioning Technology

The precision of the openings by laser CNC positioning technology reaches nearly zero error, thus assuring close connection between hinge and panel for durable use.

Seamless Processing

Applying a whole set of bending technique to a single stainless steel sheet and forming a seamless one-unit panel, which perfectly hides the welded points at the façade.

Intelligence System

Intelligent lighting systems, intelligent lifting systems, electrical drawer, auto open-close door with Blum Servo-Drive mechanism, and i-Auto rice box makes your life more comfortable.

Eco-friendly Material

Eco-friendly materials ensure eco-friendliness with zero formaldehyde emission, giving you a healthy and safe kitchen.

Buffering Cushion Design

Buffering cushion between countertops provides perfect shock and sound absorption, reducing the possibility of cracked countertop while keeping a quiet kitchen environment.

250kg of Hanging Capacity

Exclusively provide T-shape hanging fastener that can hold a load of up to 250kg.

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