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Fadior Attended the 124th Canton Fair


The 124th Canton fair was hold from 15-19th Oct.2018 in Guangzhou. Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinet was invited to take part in the fair. Fadior take their newest design of stainless steel kitchen to the fair this time. The kitchen design is grey which is the leading trend of decorated material nowadays. Fadior make the grey color together with the particular of fadior—stainless steel material together to give the clients a new surprise. In this time not only the design is newest but also the material of countertop is new. The countertop is made by eco-friendly material and procedure, the design adopt bridge design make the weight lighter and the surface is imported from Italy which have advantage of waterproof and resistant corrosion we believe it will lead a trend of new material of countertop soon.

Because of the trade war between china and America, before the fair the people worry about the affection of the fair, in fact, there no any affect to the fair. There are still so many clients from the countries all over the world, mean while there are many clients from USA, even more than the last time. The clients said the America people want to buy high quality products from china even the government add the Tax. Fadior stainless steel kitchen are recognized by the clients of the fair and we get not only the order but also a brand promotion.

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