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Fadior New Wardrobe Launched


For Women, beautiful clothes, nice shoes, modern bags like the wine to a drunkard.

We couldn’t like the millionaires to have some jewelry and clothes and bags, but we also need a good wardrobe to put all our clothes and shoes and begs which we spend our time to choose.

Now let me introduce the best wardrobe to put them.


This wardrobe fit for a small house, One type of design can be used for the couple.

Simple design and lines fit for the home decoration of grey colors, it’s good for young age people.


If you admire the billionaire's house and cloakroom, now this kind of wardrobe is good for you.


Glassdoor design with real lather panel and shelf, Led light lead a luxury wardrobe. It an uncial choice for a rich family.

This is a wardrobe for the goddess, The design is T type, shoe shelf inside the wardrobe, dark grey and champagne color metal shelf with glass design, you can enjoy your time with clothes and your body.

Bright space makes you stay on the T catwalk and under the light of flashbulb, it is very suitable with your elegant status.

No matter your house is 60sqm apartment or 100sqm big house even 300sqm villa, you can choose the right wardrobe from Fadior.

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