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Why stainless steel kitchen are so popular now? This is due to people’s concern for formaldehyde, which is a big cause for cancer and serious diseases. During the production of wooden material (plywood, MDF, particleboard), the raw material are from the leftover bits and pieces of woodcraft, and pressed into one piece with glues, urea-formaldehyde is just contained in the glues, in hot and humid environment it will begin to release formaldehyde. By calculation, to produce 3m³of wooden boards will need to add 1kg of formaldehyde, therefore for a whole set of kitchen cabinets , 30-45 m³, will need 10-15kg of formaldehyde.

You may smell a pungent smell from a newly-assembled wooden cabinet, the smell may fade away with time, but you can’t smell it doesn’t mean the formaldehyde has gone away. According to scientific studies, the average releasing time is as long as 5-8 years. A health hazard in your house for 5-8 years, terrible!

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