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How to choose the kitchen cabinet 1- material


There is many kitchen in the market, different material/ different brand/ different design… if we want to buy a kitchen cabinet, how to choose ?

Firstly, about the raw material. There are 3 types material for kitchen cabinet. They are solid wood/ wood board/ stainless steel. 

Humans use the solid wood to make kitchen cabinet at first. Solid wood is very good material. But it is not friendly to environment. If use solid wood to make the kitchen cabinet, it needs cut down many trees. And it has craze problem. 

After years humans invent wood board. It is cheaper and no craze problem. But it is not durable, only can use for 4-5 years. It is easy to go moldly /swell/transform, especially in the country which is hot or near the sea. And it will be damage by termite. What is worse, make the wood board need a lot of adhesive, it leads to many wood board have a lot of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is harmful for our body.

In the recent years, human find stainless steel is good material for make kitchen cabinet. Especially 304 stainless steel, it can contact the food directly, spoon/knife/fork… also use 304 stainless steel. It is eco-friendly with the environment. It is very durable, no mildew problem, no formaldehyde, and termite can not damage it. What’s more, it is fire proof/water proof/easier to clean. But stainless steel color is not beautiful, so the door finish technology is very important. And there is few company has stainless steel technology experience. 

After compare these 3 kind main material for kitchen cabinet, we find 304 stainless steel is better, and the price is middle. But when you choose stainless steel kitchen cabinet, pls remember choose the company who have years experience in stainless steel and have the door finish technology.

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