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How to make good use of small kitchen space?


In most countries and areas, the surging house price is overwhelming families, more and more people choose to buy a small apartment. How to make good use of each space in the kitchen? Today we will share some experience with you.

First is to make more cabinets. The principle of storage is to keep stuff in a visible place as possible as we can. More cabinet helps us to classified items well.


Make more drawers. It has to be said that the rate of space using the drawer is much higher than the opening door. Drawers regardless of the depth, make it easy to find things you want in the storage area. Chopsticks, knife, and folk should be kept in a shallow drawer, plate, dishes, and pan can be put in high-drawer. Drawer makes kitchen convenient and practical.


Third, use embedded kitchen appliances. Embedded kitchen electricity is the best way to save space and improve kitchen decoration! Stove, oven, steamer, dishwasher, microwave, disinfector, can embed and save large countertop space.


What’s more, don’t waste the space on the wall. Shelf and rod also can help to storage small item. Sink cabinet below is a place that we usually forget because, in wood kitchen, this place is considered wet and not clean enough, but Fadior stainless steel kitchen won’t have this problem. Fadior stainless steel sink cabinet has a removable bottom panel, very easy to clean. And 304 stainless steel is a waterproof material, thus, the sink cabinet can also be used for storage. You can put a small basket to storage cleaning stuff such as cleanser essence and brush, Or you can keep a waste bin down in the sink cabinet.


Choose Fadior, a small room can have big use. Contact us to start making your own kitchen!

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