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“Ideal home. Dream-seeker”- CNR News’ Seventy years seventy people


2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s republic. In the 70 years of hardworking, there have been countless ordinary and greet “dream-seekers” on the land of China. They have dedicated youthful sweat and even life, and they have written “dreaming about life” and witnessed the development and changes of the motherland.

Over the past 70 years, our home life also has great changes. From the first three turns (also known as the four major pieces, namely sewing machines, bicycles, watches and radios), to today’s new trend of smart homes, condensed countless homes. The hardworking of “ dream-seeker”. In order to showcase the development of china’s home industry, the CNR News organized the “ideal home. Dream-seeker” 70-year 70-people tour to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s republic of china. Guangdong Fadior company was selected as the first batch of 70-people in the 70-year tour of CNR News. Executive director Shen Zhengwen was selected as the first batch of entrepreneurs.

Shen Zhengwen, executive director of Fadior group

Attentive people have found that this year’s Fadior has changed a bit. From the reform of the internal department system at the beginning of the year, the change of attract investment policy to the adjustment of product series. Recently, we found that Fadior’s brand vi system has also changed. Not only is the brand logo becoming more elegant, but also the three-color dynamic color line is introduced as the brand super symbol. During the visit, we also found that Fadior’s space display system has undergone significant changes in overall design, material tonality, and soft assembly.

The entire vi is visually presented, making people feel that the brand is younger, more fashionable, elegant and extravagant, but it is also more low-key and rational. These amazing changes are attributed to Ms. Shen Zhengwen, executive director of Fadior, a post-90s straight a student who has a double bachelor’s degree from Zhongshan university and Lancaster university, and is internationally fashionable. Shi is also the chairman and founder of Fadior, Mr. Shen Yirong’s daughter.

Shen Zhengwen believes that a company with connotation must respect the accumulation of history and make innovations in line with the development of the times. Especially as the home brand of the traditional industry, along with the prosperity of the current internet thinking and the growth of young consumer groups, it is necessary to adapt to this new consumption trend and guide the brand to develop towards a younger personality. 

The new consumption trend if gradually shifts from traditionally being dominated by products to the consumer experience. Vi visual presentation is a key link in the upgrading of consumer experience, and change is imperative.

Fadior pursues the ultimate in design, function, quality and craftsmanship, and make the kitchen cabinet like make the artwork. As early as 2018, Fadior proposed “steel + green technology”, combined with VR experience, to bring the ultimate experience to consumers.

Fadior product - stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Recently, the two hard-core projects of “future kitchen” and “new domestic products” led by Shen Zhengwen are also being launched.

future kitchen” is a high-end stainless steel luxury kitchen cabinet solutions centered on the consumer experience, which is Fadior work together with Chinses industrial design master li Fenglang and high-end stainless steel kitchenware brand Guangdong Lingfeng Group.

Shen zhengwen introduced that “future kitchen”is committed to the younger generation’s new demands for kitchen life. With more fashion sense, design sense and smart technology, life is more convenient, easier and more diversified, and the stainless steel kitchen is truly young people’s favorite home space.

In fact, this is not the accident of Fadior’s pursuit of brand strategy.

In December 2018, Fadior signed a contract with the internationally renowned designer Mr. Liang jinghua as the brand spokesperson. Since the second half of 2019, he has also launched a series of designer salons with Liang master as the core.

Obviously, under the leadership of Shen Zhengwen, Fadior is taking the brand upgrade path of design as the guide, leveraging the design of empowerment, upgrading product experience and service experience.

The representative of Fadior, shen zhengwen, master li fenglang, lingfeng representative

When it comes to “New Craftsman . New Chinese Goods” project jointly developed by Tencent and well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo, shen zhengwen admits that the introduction of this project, in addition to the consideration of the trend of the national tide and the rise of domestic goods, is more due to her father.

Sheng zhengwen’s father, the founder of Fadior, Mr. Shen yirong, joined the stainless steel industry in 1992. He came to Foshan, a stainless steel product distribution center in 1999, and founded the domestic high-end stainless steel material brand “Rongshengda”. The products are sold well both at domestic and abroad.

At the beginning of the 21st century, domestic stainless steel enterprises developed rapidly, and the overcapacity of the industry and the sharp compression of profit margins forced Foshan stainless steel enterprises to transform and upgrade.

At the same time, Mr. Shen yirong felt the troubles caused by the traditional wooden cabinets, and decided to customize the stainless steel kitchen cabinets from the stainless steel materials, the “Fadior” brand was born.

In the past 20 years, from a quiet and unnamed stainless steel manufacturing plant to one of the “one of the country’s largest high-end stainless steel suppliers”, and then to the “stainless steel cabinet leading brand”, the hardships and numerous choices faced during the period.

Now, Fadior is a mature enterprise engaged in the independent research and development and intellectual creation of high-end stainless steel products. It has successively developed wardrobes, wine cabinet, bathroom cabinets, balcony cabinets, sideboards, antique cabinets, tv cabinets and other ancillary products. High-end stainless steel home furnishing set masters, but also become the main editorial unit of the domestic stainless steel kitchen cabinet industry, go abroad and go to the world.

This is a Stainless steel home person’s insistence on his lifelong dreams.

 Shen zhengwen said: the raise of Chinese goods is also the raise of national brands. In recent years, many enterprises in the furniture industry are facing liquidation and exit, and the overall development of the industry is in a bottleneck. Under this dilemma, traditional enterprises must go beyond the inherent mode to adapt to the development of consumer demand in the new era. The Stainless steel modular kitchen cabinet itself is a subversion and innovation of the traditional wood home. This kind of innovation fits the rise of the new middle-class pursuit of quality of life, and what Fadior is doing now is to let the enterprise on the basis of inheritance, make the speed of innovation and brand upgrades, surpassing the inertia of the market, will allow Fadior to remain invincible in the current market dilemma.

Everything that Shen zhengwen has done is showing that she is bringing the young generation’s pursuit of life in the new internet age, the sensitive touch of fashion, to the traditional home furnishing industry, and thinking about the brand’s new revolution in the market with new thinking. The way to win.

The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. Sheng zhengwen lets us see the infinite power and pride talent of new generation of corporate successors. At the same time, let us think about a company, where does it come from, where to go, this inheritance of old generation craftsman sprit and sprit of struggle may be the endless power of a brand’s blood.

Shen zhengwen attend 2018 global forum on human settlements and received the “certificate of social responsibility”

In fact, the changes that shen zhengwen brought to Fadior are far more than these.

On October 30, 2018, Fadior was invited to attend the 2018 annual session of global forum on human settlements held at the united nations convention center in Bangkok, Thailand. Shen zhengwen once expressed the theme on the “eco-city and assembly building sub-forum” on behalf of Fadior and china’s home furnishing industry. She gave a speech and was interviewed by the global one belt one road association tv station.

She said: “ Fadior’s brand vision and mission is to create a healthy and formaldehyde-free safe kitchen, so that very family can use stainless steel cabinets, and this is in line with the purpose of the global forum on human settlements – to create a sustainable city and living environment for everyone to share it

During the meeting, Shen zhengwen showed the participants the achievements and progress of Fadior’s ecological environment development, and let the world see the fearless spirit of china’s Stainless steel home people in the 70 years since the country was founed, not afraid of the wind and rain.

In the future, Fadior will exert its efforts in channels, marketing and terminals, widely deploy offline networks, comprehensively establish a marketing and promotion system, and pay attention to terminal needs to provide after-sales services. Only with deep internal strength can climb higher, Fadior’s goal is to become an internationally renowned brand, let the world see the Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

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