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How's the Performance of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets?


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From user's perspective, how's the performance of stainless steel kitchen cabinets? The author sums up eight points:

1.  Environmental protection, zero - formaldehyde.
Stainless steel is no formaldehyde, and board level E0 or E1 level, will definitely has formaldehyde release, because manufacturing sheet must use a will release formaldehyde glue. Open any a cabinet, can smell the formaldehyde odor, but you open the stainless steel cabinet cannot smell any odor. Family environmental protection is very important, and formaldehyde is an important source of environmental impact. The formaldehyde content is too high, will cause the child leukemia, immunity of the poor old man appeared cancer symptoms, the People who living in long-term formaldehyde environment, the body texture feature will degenerate. According to authoritative survey, the kitchen is the serious disaster area of release formaldehyde; occupy the house decoration 40%. So, kitchen using environmentally friendly materials are very important, directly affect the health of the family. Stainless steel cabinets actually do environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde.

2. Durable, use fifty years or even a lifetime.
We dare not imagine also luxury a set of cabinet can use for decades or even a lifetime, what's more, our life rhythm change quickly, buy a set of cabinet can use a decade or two years is not bad. But good stainless steel cabinet really is a classic can use this whole life, never outdated. No use plate brand dare tell you a set of cabinets are not bad with dozens of years, but the high quality stainless steel cabinet can give you the answer. Just like high-grade famous watch Patek Philippe, leaving classic of the next generation!

3. Absolutely waterproof, moisture proof, anti acid & alkali.
The traditional board cabinet not waterproof, moisture proof, Long-term experience in wet or water, will swell blowout, encounter something that acid and alkali corrosion, rot. But good stainless steel cabinet don't have to worry about these problems, even if the faucet is broken in the home, the plate expansion with water will not happen, acid and alkali erosion will not bad. Stainless steel cabinet is durable also because of the good quality foundation.

4. Prevent deformation, prevent discoloration.
Traditional cabinet plate use time is long, the deformation will happen maybe, or even when some products factory fresh will deformation, because plank easily is affected by the environment temperature, moisture and deformation. Another agonizing problem is a very beautiful cabinet, use for a long time, the color is becoming more and more not good-looking, turn yellow, black, etc., become very ugly,  to some extent affect our mood cooking. But, because of the special material of stainless steel kitchen cabinet is not deformation, unless people to force crushing, otherwise will not produce physical deformation. Stainless steel has a lot of color, silver, silver white, golden yellow, deep blue ect. Whether it is wind and rain or after a long period of storage, will not change color occurs. Therefore, stainless steel
Modern Stainless Steel Cabinets without use trouble compare with traditional cabinets!

5. Fire prevention, anti-high temperature.
Chinese cooking habits is not the same as the west, western accustomed to steaming, boiling -based, While China scrambled, fried -based, temper is more serious, especially when served, the flame went everywhere, accidentally could set fire to the top of the cabinet. So, in the kitchen of China, if often cooking, use of fire and high temperature resistant material is the key. Especially the surface, stainless steel surface is not afraid of high temperature, not crack, not ooze water, etc. Stainless steel material is fire prevention, high temperature resistant material, stainless steel cabinets completely eliminate the use insecurity, extending the service life!

6. Hygienically cleanliness, easy to clean.
Very clean inside the stainless steel cabinet, because unlike a sheet that, will absorb the moisture, encounter tide easily mildew, unseen spots easy to hide and producing bacteria. And stainless steel surface is very smooth, not afraid, and very easy to clean, use for a long time still like new! So, when storing things are not afraid of misplacing, also not afraid to clean, not to worry about misplacing things affect the use of cabinets.

7. Safety.
Cupboard door which made by Stainless steel cabinet is not as heavy as made by board. Some families have been  occurred event that the cupboard door falling incidents where injured people, the door plank is using heavy density board, use the time is long, due to falling loose hinges, because it is too cumbersome, especially high cabinet door, two people are needed to lift also need to afford. And made of stainless steel door plank is light, Not because of the weight of broken hinges, or doesn't close the door. Plate door often cannot shut the door, not only the door hinge hole didn't play quasi, also with the door too heavy and cause sagging about.

8. Fashionable Looking.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets made of metallic automotive paint products are very high-end, household use such products can show the taste of the family. Stainless steel as part of the metal, there is a feeling of thickness and strong. why people pursue Brand car in the world, in addition to cars can bring a person the sense of honor, no matter from appearance modeling, or color collocation all reflect a kind of incomparable noble quality, who don't want to use this product? Noble stainless steel cabinets in the cabinet noble industry just like a famous brand car, bring users supreme honor and taste.

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