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Maintainance of Fadior Stainless Steel Kitchen Part 3


Maintainance of Stainless Steel Countertop

1. Use cotton cloth or sponge with stainless steel skin care treasure to clean the stainless steel countertop after cooking each time.

2. Dry the stainless steel countertop with dry cotton cloth or sponge, don’t leave water mark on the countertop surface.

3. If the stainless steel surface have dirty, wipe the dirty with pale grey powder or flour on the clean surface many times till it bright like new one.

4. Don’t use steel wool or scouring pad clean the stainless steel countertop.

5. Don’t put the wet cloth, easy rusting knif, iron plate, strong acid on the surface of stainless steel countertop too long.

6. Don’t put high temperature products on the surface directly or too much time on the surface, The hot pan after using cooking, microwave, oven or other high temperature products will hurt the surface of stainless steel. Please use shelf with robber foot or put heat proof mat. Don’t use hot water to clean after using cold water.

7. When use the countertop, try to avoid to use sharp products to touch the surface of stainless steel, incase to make scratch. No matter which kind of stainless steel, try to cut the food on the chopping board, incase to damage the surface or damage the knife and also easy to clean.

8. Keep the countertop dry. Don’t put refractory slab in water for long time, incase tackless and deformation. Don’t use decolorizer or incrustation to make the artificial stone dirty.

9. Don’t use strong chemical material touch the surface, such as paint stripper, metal detergent, cooking detergent, strong acid detergent etc. if touch with these chemical detergent, wash it with soap water. If touch with nail polish, wipe it with ethyl alcohol then wash it with clean water.

10. Corrison of chemical material can damage many different materials. It maybe rust if surface of stainless steel countertop touch with salt, don’t put soy sauce bottle on the surface of countertop directly.

11. Maintain with “stainless steel skin care treasure” regularly.

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