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Maintenance of Kitchen Countertop


Fadior produces stainless steel kitchen cabinet, countertop material is optional. You can choose quartz or stainless steel Most people would like to choose normal quartz stone as their kitchen countertop because it is both cheap and good looking. Today, let’s see how to maintain quartz stone countertop to keep it longer service life.

First, prevent bleach and scale from changing the color of the countertop. Quartz stone has many different color and grains, once it discolors, our whole kitchen will look terrible.

Secondly, prevent the contact of strong chemicals to the countertop. For example, paint remover, metal cleaner, acetone, severe acid cleaner, etc. Chemicals can cause corrosion.

Thirdly, don’t hit the surface with a sharp or strong object. Don’t rinse the countertop with boiling water and cold water at the same time. Last, keep it clean and dry as possible as you can.

Or you can choose the stainless steel countertop. Now stainless steel countertop can be shaped. 304 stainless steel is waterproof and fireproof, have a better performance in scratch resistance. Stainless steel countertop can be integrated with sink, the seamless technique makes it easier to clean.


Choose Fadior, choose a worry-free kitchen. 

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