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Outdoor Kitchen Designs - Choose a Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor living will continue to be a hot trend for homeowners seeking to expand their usable living space or spend more time enjoying the fresh air. In outdoor kitchen designs, the most effective outdoor spaces are intended to decrease maintenance and improve relaxation. By extending utilities, homeowners may make a fully-functioning and completely comfy outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.


Building the Ideal Outdoor Kitchen: Key Points in Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular than ever before and homeowners are turning into a more durable solution for outside cooking. Shifting the lanai/patio in an elegant exterior kitchen space takes exact planning and design expertise. We bring a few hints which are extremely beneficial and will help direct you through the job of outdoor kitchen designs. These tips are suitable for any kind of kitchen including the wooden outdoor kitchen and stainless steel outdoor kitchen.


Utility Preparation

The places for gasoline, water, and electrical supply will dictate the best places to the kitchen and also the entire cost for your projects.

Ensure electrical outlets that are accessible. We advocate applying independent circuits to the outside kitchen using GFI breakers in the panel rather than each socket.

Decide on hot and cold water, or just cold. Homeowners are able to cut back on the cost of utilities by conducting a single, cold water line to the outside kitchen. A cost-effective solution in the event that householders still need hot water is by simply adding filtration along with an inbuilt water heater under the sink.

These are some preparations that will help go through the job of outdoor kitchen designs.


Areas of the Outdoor Kitchen

Here are a few must-have areas: Grills, side burners, pizza ovens, counter space for preparing food with the addition of cabinetry and storage space; the sink, worktop surface and any storage space that’s needed for the sink; refrigeration or freezers, and other cold storage areas.

Be certain there's sufficient room for these regions, in addition to adequate worktop space whilst cooking, prepping, or functioning. Be mindful of every operable zone and think about how they will work together for cooking, preparation, serving, and clean up action. All these are the principles of designing a stainless steel outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchen Safety Precautions

Precautions are a significant part of outdoor kitchen designs. We recommend people to follow these security steps:

Ensure the material used for the outdoor kitchen has good traction. Avoiding slip and falls is just as important in an outdoor kitchen as it is around a pool.

Maintain at least 9-12" between any hot appliances such as grills, ovens or cooktops. This is suggested to keep the heat away from some other nearby combustible substances.

Make sure when installing the stainless steel grill there isn’t anything combustible above it. Each grill maker has guidelines for how far off users ought to be from whatever combustible and it is extremely important to stick to these.

The gas shutoff valve should be in a place that is readily accessible (we recommend being a couple of feet away from any appliance utilizing gas).

Maintain a fire extinguisher handy.

It is ideal to have the counter edges rounded to prevent bumping into a corner, particularly if children are around. This is essential for outdoor kitchen designs.

Make certain the whole outdoor kitchen is nicely lit during any night grilling.


Have You Considered a Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen?

Have you known how well a stainless steel outdoor kitchen withstands the weather? Consider how the durability of its material reacts to temperature swings, extreme heat or cold, the sun, wind, sea air and other elements of nature. If the materials are not well-suited to geographical conditions, the outdoor kitchen investment may be short-lived.


The layout of a stainless outdoor kitchen may be varied in different outdoor kitchen designs, from a simple single run of cabinets into a U-shaped design with an island, which makes an elaborate configuration that matches a bigger outdoor living space. The stainless steel outdoor kitchen is ADA-compliant and readily accommodates many different appliances such as electric grills which are non-combustible and don't need insulation jackets.


A stainless outdoor kitchen provides the advantages that people who want to find the best return on the outdoor kitchen investment. In addition, when homeowners outfit their outdoor living room with Fadior stainless outdoor kitchens, then they have the best ability to personalize for optimum outdoor entertaining. The stainless steel outdoor kitchen comes in dozens of styles, countless sizes, storage room alternatives, a collection of door styles and a large number of colors, and realistic wood grains, enabling homeowners to have the capability to create a signature space that's worth the investment.

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