Fadior Stainless Steel Bathroom Vanity - BSYG03

  • Brand Name: Fadior
  • Size: 600/800/900
  • Place of Production: Foshan, China
  • Door Material: Stainless steel
  • Carcass Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Finish: Painting
  • Accessories: Faucet, sink

Product Description

A concerto of classical and modern is on.







Each carcass panel is exclusively formed by ONE single steel sheet without exposed welding points.



Special-made trapezoid hanging system with capacity of up to 250KG.


Water Resistant

Door and carcass material all are 304 grade stainless steel with aluminum honey comb filling, 100% water-resistant.


Various Finishes

Over 80 options of door finishes by powder coating and 220℃ heat baking.



Shock-proof damping strips under countertop to ensure durability and soundless kitchen operations.


Hinge System

Soft closing Blum hinges imported from Austria with embedded Fadior ABS hinge hole structure to ensure door open-close for up to 200,000 times.


Ultra Flat

Ultra-flat panel with accurate 90 degree corners by computer programming and advanced CNC laser machine.


Micro-X Tech

Revolutionary Micro-X tech.to replace painting, eco-friendly with ZERO formaldehyde realeasing.

There s many ways to make a modern bathroom appear elegant, and at times, a good bathroom vanity comes in handy. A well-designed modern bathroom vanity plays an essential role in the decor and ambience of your bathroom. Its unique style can affect the functionality of your bathroom in several ways. One of its important functions is to provide storage space for your personal items, such as towels and toiletries. This article will show you how to choose the right vanity for your bathroom.


The first consideration is to know how much storage you want for your bathroom. You have to decide if you want your modern bathroom vanity to serve as a stand-alone piece or if it should complement your other fixtures, such as a medicine cabinet or a bath tub. If you decide to use modern vanities that act as a stand-alone piece, then the style and size must be properly coordinated to compliment your walls and other decor pieces. Otherwise, your modern vanity will look out of place.


When it comes to choosing a modern bathroom vanity design, your choice must also incorporate the look you are trying to achieve with the furniture and other decorative accessories that you have chosen for your bathroom. Modern vanities come in different styles, colors, shapes, materials, sizes, and designs. Some vanities have modern features like LED lights, mirrors, or tumblers, but their function still depends on its main purpose. For instance, a medicine cabinet and vanity console will not look good if the lights of the vanity console were not properly positioned.


A modern vanity is usually placed beside a sink or on top of it. But it may also appear in any other position. When choosing a modern bathroom vanity for your bathroom, make sure that it will not make your bathroom look crowded. The vanity unit should not be so tall that it obstructs the door of the shower enclosure. Furthermore, the position of your bathroom mirror should not be at an angle that it gets in the way of other bathroom fixtures like your shower head.


There are personalized bathroom vanity sets that come complete with hardware like soap dishes, towel racks, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, bottle openers, and more. These additional items can make your modern bathroom vanity set more appealing to homeowners. But it is important to ensure that the hardware you buy is compatible with the sink, tub, or shower fixture that you have chosen for your bath. If you feel more comfortable buying your modern bathroom vanity pieces from a reputable builder's surplus shop, then take your time to check out online galleries of modern bathroom vanity designs.





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