Customized Stainless Steel Kitchen X007 Exclid

  • Brand Name: Fadior
  • Place of production: Foshan, China
  • Door Material: #304 food grade stainless steel
  • Carcass Material: #304 stainless steel
  • Countertop Material:#304 stainless steel + Rock
  • Finish: Textured copper
  • Filling Material: Aluminium honey comb
  • Accessories: Blum Hinge, electric drawer, basket, lazy susan, embedded fridge

X007 Euclid

Euclid-shape cabinets with brown copper coated stainless steel, stand out with extraordinary fashion sense. Countertop of high-class Espana volcano rock, durable and anti-scratch. No gap between stainless steel countertop with sink, it is easier to clean. Automatic jalousies and electrical wine-cabinet strengthens the feeling of futurism.







Guangzhou Design Week | Designers Gathering at Fadior Headquarter!

As leading brand of top stainless steel kitchen cabinet, December 6th afternoon, "Steel+design" Design Channel Strategy Conference and MAX Design Private Meeting were held in Fadior headquarter showroom.

MAX, Jinan, Beijing, Zhejiang, Nanning, Changsha, Loudi, Henan, Xiamen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Liuzhou, Shantou...Nearly a hundred designers from all over the country attended the event together with many leading guests.

At the meeting, Ms. Zhengwen Shen, executive director of Fadior, introduced Fadior’s design strategy to the guests and announced that Fadior will make full efforts in new channels such as decorating companies, design studios, and e-retail.

This year's epidemic has caused a cold wave in the home improvement and home furnishing industries, however, it has also brought new opportunities. Many new channels are being born and the old ones are merging. Cooperation between home improvement companies, design companies, and home furnishing brands is accelerating, and the relationship between store platforms, manufacturers, and developers is also changing.

Fadior began to deploy home improvement channels many years ago in good cooperation with real estate developers, property platforms, store platforms, and designers in the home industry. Fadior is accelerating the pace of changes in the market.

At the event, Ms.Shen on behalf of Fadior Stainless Steel Art Kitchen Cabinets, with Mr. Wang Qiushi, general manager of Zhongcheng Group, and Ms. Zhou Ying, general manager of Fadior Shenyang flagship store, signed a strategic alliance agreement on the Northeast Poly cooperation project, and jointly reached a win-win brand !

At the same time, Ms. Shen also announced that Fadior is cooperating with Baidu to launch the "Stainless Steel Whole House Customization White Paper" project to jointly create a "stainless steel whole house customization" big IP through Baidu's powerful database and Internet advantages.

The release of this "White Paper" is a brand new signal, which indicates that the 100 billion-level market for stainless steel customization is accelerating, and it also represents that Fadior's leading position in the field of top stainless steel kitchen cabinet is more prominent.

This event coincided with the closing day of Guangzhou Design Week. Fadior and Mr. Xie Xiaotao, founder of Max Design, held a private design meeting. Fadior is also honored to welcome the Jinan designer team led by Mr. Wu Gang, the creative director of Jinan Chenbang Design.

Mr. Xie is also special design consultant of Fadior Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Factory. His design is not only deeply loved by the middle-upper class customers, but also has unique insights in the management and operation of the design company.

At the meeting, Mr. Xie shared the works designed by Max Design and discussed the design concept and company operation concept with designers.

Fadior’s cooperation with designers have a long history. The combination of "steel + design" brings the dual possession of health and art to the home. There is no shortage of designers for Fadior users. For this event, Fadior had the honor to invite Mr. Lu Wensheng, the vice president of Guangmei Creative Group and Guangmei Design and Research Institute! As a user, he shared his thoughts on using Fadior stainless steel products to the designers.

After the sharing session, the guests visited the Fadior Stainless Steel Customized Showroom.

It is said that Fadior, a stainless steel whole-house customization showroom, has become a new check-in attraction. With stainless steel products of various shapes and exquisite scenery, every corner is a check-in point that guests love.

Fadior prepared a wine dinner for the guests. Charcoal grilled whole lamb, grilled oysters, sushi sashimi, exquisite dim sum, red wine, buffet dinner, designers can enjoy food and wine, continue to communicate, discuss and learn. 

The joyous atmosphere lasted until 8 o'clock in the evening, and the guests returned home with great enthusiasm, bringing this conference and design private meeting to a successful conclusion! Thank you again MAX Design Mr.Xie for your support, and thank you all guests for your kind participation! 



Each carcass panel is exclusively formed by ONE single steel sheet without exposed welding points.



Special-made trapezoid hanging system with capacity of up to 250KG.


Water Resistant

Door and carcass material all are 304 grade stainless steel with aluminum honey comb filling, 100% water-resistant.


Various Finishes

Over 80 options of door finishes by powder coating and 220℃ heat baking.



Shock-proof damping strips under countertop to ensure durability and soundless kitchen operations.


Hinge System

Soft closing Blum hinges imported from Austria with embedded Fadior ABS hinge hole structure to ensure door open-close for up to 200,000 times.


Ultra Flat

Ultra-flat panel with accurate 90 degree corners by computer programming and advanced CNC laser machine.


Micro-X Tech

Revolutionary Micro-X replace painting, eco-friendly with ZERO formaldehyde realeasing.






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