Customized Stainless Steel Kitchen X012 Gentleman

  • Brand Name: Fadior
  • Place of production: Foshan, China
  • Door Material: #304 food grade stainless steel
  • Carcass Material: #304 stainless steel
  • Countertop Material: Quartz
  • Finish: Micro-X finish
  • Filling Material: Aluminium honey comb
  • Accessories: Blum Hinge, drawer, basket, lazy susan

X012 Gentleman

Premium style with U shape combined with a mild and relaxing color tone. Narrow-framed glass doors allow brightness to the space. It's also a smart kitchen applied with eletric wine elevator and press-open solid wood dining table.

In 2020, the very popular material – “sintered stone”!

To say that the most popular cabinet panel in 2020, it is the sintered stone!

The sintered stone has the natural beauty of marble, has a higher texture than stone and ceramic tiles, and has high environmental protection and diversified applications. Therefore, it has become the new trends of the domestic decoration industry in the past two years.

Now let's take a look at the use of the sintered stone in the stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

01 The beauty of stone is more advanced.

The texture of the rock slab is abundant, restoring the natural beauty of natural stone.

This all-encompassing richness and difference bring the unique charm of nature to the space decoration and makes the home more high class.

Fadior and Master Patrick Leung jointly named the cabinet "Yue Yun", using 3mm ultra-thin rock board as the veneer of the stainless steel kitchen cabinets door panel.

Different from the various rock slab patterns common in the market, the delicate and three-dimensional texture of this rock slab is more natural stone texture and more personalized.

02 Superior physical and chemical properties, high practicability.

The rock slab is made by pressing natural raw materials with a press of over 15,000 tons and firing at a high temperature of over 1200℃ through modern technology.

Compared with traditional stone, floor tiles and slabs, it has higher hardness and toughness, better high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, anti-permeation, and it is not afraid of open flames. It is very easy to clean and beat. Rationale.

Fadior stainless steel kitchen cabinets new sample "Rock City" in 2020, the countertop is imported from Spain's Inalco brand, with a thickness of 12mm.

A magnetic induction cooking system is implanted under the countertop. Through wireless intelligent induction technology, the wireless pot can be directly heated and cooked on the countertop, which is very convenient.

According to the test, this kind of rock slab has A1 grade fire resistance, and will not shrink, crack, or change color under an open flame of 2000 degrees.

It is also this super heat resistance that it can become the magnetic heating medium for this smart cabinet of Fadior.

03 Extremely environmentally friendly, it can directly contact food.

Many people know that stainless steel countertops are food-grade environmentally friendly materials and can be cut and cooked directly on them.

The rock slab also has food-grade quality-no substance harmful to the human body, it can be roasted directly on it; excellent anti-fungal and anti-fouling properties, no need to worry about hygiene; its hardness and scratch resistance can also be safely cut on it dish.

Therefore, as the countertop of the stainless steel kitchen cabinets, Slate was introduced into the cabinet customization by Fadior many years ago.

Both rock slabs and stainless steel are environmentally friendly and harmless and healthy materials, and both can directly contact food.

Users can choose to make stainless steel countertops or rock slab countertops according to their needs and preferences.

04 Variety of styles, diversified applications.

Rock slabs can replace natural stone, wood, artificial stone, glass, metal, etc., to deduce a different sense of luxury.

Whether in modern style, industrial style or light luxury style design, it can be well reflected.

Fadior introduced rock slabs into stainless steel kitchen cabinets, making high-end custom kitchens more possibilities and choices.

The size of the rock slab can be large or small, and it can withstand cutting, drilling, polishing and other processing. It is not only the countertops and door panel finishes of cabinets and wardrobes, but also integrated bathroom cabinet wash basins, and even indoor and outdoor wall and floor decorations. , Can bring refreshing enjoyment to the space, and can be called the "cross-border internet celebrity" of home improvement.

Since the 2020 epidemic, users have placed unprecedented emphasis on healthy homes.

The slate represents an upgrade iteration of the ceramic product itself, and it is also a category that spans home improvement and large home furnishings.

It not only meets the needs of users for health and environmental protection, but also conforms to the trend of product diversification and individualization under the current consumer trend.

Under such circumstances, it is inevitable that rock slabs will become explosive products for home improvement.

In addition to introducing rock slabs as countertops and door finishes for stainless steel cabinets, Fadior has also developed a series of [rock grain] products, which can be used to make the surface of the door panels into various rock slab textures through laminating or spraying processes.

The cost of this kind of rock pattern door panel is lower than that of real rock panel, but it has the same appearance and texture as rock panel.

So if you love the texture of slate but need to control their budget no longer have to struggle now.

Originated from stone, better than stone.

The emergence of rock slabs is changing the entire home improvement and home furnishing industry, and it also brings a new wave of design.

Fadior conforms to consumer trends and provides users with environmentally friendly, artistic, and personalized home spaces with high-quality artistic textures to satisfy Chinese families' pursuit of a better life.







Each carcass panel is exclusively formed by ONE single steel sheet without exposed welding points.



Special-made trapezoid hanging system with capacity of up to 250KG.


Water Resistant

Door and carcass material all are 304 grade stainless steel with aluminum honey comb filling, 100% water-resistant.


Various Finishes

Over 80 options of door finishes by powder coating and 220℃ heat baking.



Shock-proof damping strips under countertop to ensure durability and soundless kitchen operations.


Hinge System

Soft closing Blum hinges imported from Austria with embedded Fadior ABS hinge hole structure to ensure door open-close for up to 200,000 times.


Ultra Flat

Ultra-flat panel with accurate 90 degree corners by computer programming and advanced CNC laser machine.


Micro-X Tech

Revolutionary Micro-X replace painting, eco-friendly with ZERO formaldehyde realeasing.






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