Fadior Premium Wardrobe - CR005 Time

  • Brand Name: Fadior
  • Size: Customized
  • Place of production: Foshan, China
  • Door Material: optional, Aluminium/glass/leather
  • Carcass Material: Aluminium/304 stainless steel
  • Finish: painting/lacquer
  • Accessories: drawer, hanging rod, cane, trouser rack

FADIOR - CR005 Time

Everyone has something special in their heart. Time will witness the sweetness of the past and the togetherness of the future.

The unique display platform design, may store the wedding dress, or the memory that worth cherishing.

When it comes to purchasing a custom made wardrobe, there are few important factors to consider. These factors tend to be a matter of personal taste, budget and of course, the space available. In terms of budget the most important factor will always be the amount of money you are prepared to spend on your custom wardrobe. This is especially important because china custom made wardrobes can very often cost more than standard ready-made wardrobes.


Before selecting your custom made wardrobe it is important to decide what sort of style suits your needs best. If you have a small room where you would like to put a custom wardrobe then it may be best to choose a unit that fits in with the dimensions of the room. If you have a large room or corner space then a hanging unit may be a better solution than a full sized wardrobe. The best solution for both these situations is to measure your space before selecting your wardrobe. The next factor is obviously to determine how many custom wardrobes you require.


Many custom made wardrobe retailers stock a range of high quality ready to use wardrobes. Ready to use wardrobes can save you the time and expense involved in constructing your wardrobe from scratch. Ready to use wardrobes also have the added advantage of being cheaper than their custom made counterparts. These ready to use wardrobes can also come in a variety of styles. This means that if you prefer a certain look or style you will not have to sacrifice it by going with a ready to use wardrobe.


However, if you are not sure about whether a ready to use wardrobe is right for you then a custom made wardrobe could be the answer. A custom made wardrobe will allow you to create a wardrobe just to your specifications. This will give you the freedom to create something completely unique to your individual needs. The other advantage of a custom made wardrobe is that it can be built to last. Ready to use wardrobes are often made from materials that wear very easily and if they are not built to last then they can start to tear and fall apart within just a few years.


One advantage of a custom made wardrobe is that they can fit exactly as you need them to. This is very important if you have a very specific size or measurement in mind. Most good custom made wardrobe suppliers will provide photographs or images of their work so you will be able to see what they have available. You should choose a supplier that uses the highest quality materials so that they will stand the test of time and are durable enough to be used for many years to come.


One final consideration is that most ready to use wardrobes use standard sizes and measurements which are great if you only require one or two items in particular. However, if you require a whole lot of customised clothing you may find that it is better to go for a custom made wardrobe. It may cost you more upfront but in the long run it may save you money. The wardrobe you buy will be exactly as you imagined it and the quality will not be compromised.



Each carcass panel is exclusively formed by ONE single steel sheet without exposed welding points.



Special-made trapezoid hanging system with capacity of up to 250KG.


Water Resistant

Door and carcass material all are 304 grade stainless steel with aluminum honey comb filling, 100% water-resistant.


Various Finishes

Over 80 options of door finishes by powder coating and 220℃ heat baking.



Shock-proof damping strips under countertop to ensure durability and soundless kitchen operations.


Hinge System

Soft closing Blum hinges imported from Austria with embedded Fadior ABS hinge hole structure to ensure door open-close for up to 200,000 times.


Ultra Flat

Ultra-flat panel with accurate 90 degree corners by computer programming and advanced CNC laser machine.


Micro-X Tech

Revolutionary Micro-X tech.to replace painting, eco-friendly with ZERO formaldehyde realeasing.





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