Modern Kitchen Designs of 2017

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen and bring it into the modern era, then you’ve come to the right place. The year 2017 saw remarkable trends in kitchen design, focusing on sleek lines, innovative storage solutions, and cutting-edge technology. Let’s explore some of the most exciting modern kitchen designs from 2017.

1. Minimalist Marvels

Minimalism was a key theme in 2017 kitchen designs. Clean surfaces, uncluttered spaces, and high functionality were at the forefront. Cabinets with hidden handles, integrated appliances, and monochromatic color palettes created a sense of calm and sophistication in modern kitchens.

2. Smart Solutions

Technology played a significant role in kitchen designs of 2017. From touch-activated faucets to smart refrigerators with touchscreen interfaces, homeowners embraced innovative solutions to make their kitchens more efficient and connected. Imagine controlling your oven with a simple voice command or receiving alerts on your smartphone when your food is ready!

3. Mixing Materials

2017 was all about mixing materials to add depth and visual interest to kitchen spaces. Combining sleek stainless steel with warm wood accents, or pairing polished concrete countertops with glass backsplashes, created a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. Designers experimented with textures and finishes to create a unique kitchen experience.

4. Statement Lighting

Lighting fixtures became a focal point in modern kitchens of 2017. Oversized pendants, sculptural chandeliers, and under-cabinet lighting not only illuminated work areas but also added a touch of artistry to the space. Mixing different types of lighting created layers of brightness, enhancing the overall ambiance.

5. Open Shelving

Open shelving made a strong statement in kitchen designs of 2017. Instead of traditional upper cabinets, homeowners opted for floating shelves to display decorative items, plants, and kitchen essentials. This trend not only opened up visual space but also encouraged a more personalized and curated kitchen aesthetic.

2017 was a year of innovation and creativity in kitchen design. By incorporating minimalist elements, smart technologies, mixed materials, statement lighting, and open shelving, homeowners were able to create modern kitchens that were both functional and visually stunning. Whether you are planning a complete kitchen renovation or simply seeking inspiration, these design trends from 2017 can serve as a source of ideas for your own modern kitchen transformation.

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