Exploring Modern Small Kitchen Designs 2013

In 2013, interior design witnessed a surge in the popularity of contemporary small kitchen designs. The trend focused on maximizing space efficiency without compromising on style and functionality. From sleek minimalism to bold colors and smart storage solutions, let’s delve into the world of modern small kitchen designs that revolutionized 2013.

Sleek Minimalism

The year 2013 embraced the concept of sleek minimalism in small kitchen designs. Clean lines, glossy finishes, and hidden appliances created an illusion of space, making even the smallest kitchens appear more extensive and organized.

Bold Colors

Contrary to the belief that small kitchens should stick to light colors, 2013 saw a shift towards bold and vibrant color schemes. Bright accents and colorful cabinets injected personality into these compact spaces, adding a cheerful and dynamic vibe to the kitchen environment.

Smart Storage Solutions

With limited square footage, efficient storage solutions became paramount in 2013 kitchen designs. From pull-out pantries to vertical storage units and innovative cabinet designs, every inch of space was utilized to ensure clutter-free countertops and enhanced functionality.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Small kitchens in 2013 were not just about cooking but also about versatile functionality. The integration of multi-functional elements like breakfast bars doubling as workstations or dining areas, and kitchen islands with built-in storage exemplified the trend towards maximizing utility in compact kitchen layouts.


2013 marked a significant evolution in small kitchen designs, emphasizing style, functionality, and innovation in limited spaces. The trends of sleek minimalism, bold colors, smart storage solutions, and multi-functional spaces set the stage for a new era of modern kitchen design that continues to inspire interior designers and homeowners alike.

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