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Things to Know About the Stainless Steel Cabinet


The stainless steel cabinet is perhaps the most distinctive feature of commercial kitchens. It has the ability to stand up to harsh environments where other materials show signs of wear within months of use. Stainless steel is a powerful material with the functions of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and stain resistance. In addition to these advantages, it also provides a hygienic surface because it has no place for mold and bacteria to hide. Because this steel cabinet is made entirely of stainless steel, it is also resistant to water damage and any pests such as insects and rodents. All our cabinets are sturdy and durable over time. They require very little maintenance and can match any design style, whether commercial or residential.


Where is the Stainless Steel Cabinet Commonly Used?

Though the stainless steel cabinet is the most commonly used cabinets in the kitchen, it is also used for many other applications, and their use is rapidly expanding. The following are common places where stainless steel cabinets can be found: toilets, hospitals, airports, laboratories, medical rooms, bakeries, laundromats, dry cleaners, food processing plants, industrial plants, utility vehicles, mobile, food service, residential garage, and outdoor cooking area. The steel cabinet has been widely utilized thanks to its clean surface and beautiful appearance.


How is the Stainless Steel Cabinet Fabricated and Installed?

Most stainless steel cabinets are made entirely of #304 stainless steel. In some cases, the #316 stainless steel is the recommended outdoor cabinetry material for all coastal areas. However, in other environments, such as the desert, the mountains, a city rooftop or simply – the home, #304 works just fine. The fact of the matter is that the majority of stainless steel cabinet manufacturers use #304 stainless steel even in coastal areas, requiring homeowners to clean and maintain their appliances on a regular basis (or keep them covered).

All stainless steel cabinets are manufactured in our Chinese factory. Our manufacturing process usually starts with sketches or architectural drawings. In some cases, the steel cabinet requires on-site measurements. It is usually planned after providing a company quote and approving the project. Once on-site measurements are completed and specifications are determined, we will provide workshop drawings for approval. This ensures that all parties have a clear understanding of all the details before the manufacturing of a stainless steel cabinet begins.

The installation of the stainless steel cabinets is very simple. They are usually made in cross-sections no longer than 60 inches. The cabinets were brought to the site and placed in the final location. Preparations will be made in advance on how to mount them to the floor or wall. In many cases, we provide brackets and hardware to securely mount the cabinet. After the steel cabinet is installed, other tasks can be completed, such as the installation of the water pipe of the sink and the installation of the rack.


What Accessories and Finish Options are Available for the Stainless Steel Cabinet?

The stainless steel cabinet can be manufactured according to custom specifications. Usually, stainless steel cabinets are made up of several parts that are laser cut, shaped and permanently welded in place. This guarantees that the cabinet is durable and will hardly fall apart even after decades of heavy use. We use only the best quality hinges, drawer slides, handles, knobs, magnetic latches, and locks. Our steel cabinet design is aesthetically pleasing as well as rugged, sturdy, and durable. Because the cabinets are custom designed and fabricated, customers have the option to control the layout and length, width and height of drawers and doors. We have dozens of handles and several types of drawer slides that can be used to decorate the stainless steel cabinet for industrial, commercial, and even residential environments. The bottom of the cabinet usually includes stainless steel adjustable bullet feet with removable kickboards, but can also be customized.

In order to truly fight corrosion, we recommend this finish option - powder coating. This treatment method adds many benefits including creating a protective seal on the stainless surface, further protecting the steel cabinet from the environment. The powder coating finish makes the cabinets almost maintenance-free from a cleaning perspective, as well.


How Long Does it Take to Fabricate a Stainless Steel Cabinet?

Once the shop drawings as well as the size, color, and design of the stainless steel cabinet, have been approved, we will start working. Of course, the manufacturing time will depend on many factors, such as size and quantity. Usually, we can provide a standard cabinet with drawers and doors, which can be completed in about one month from the date of order. But more often than not, we manufacture according to orders. The turnaround time of the steel cabinet from order confirmation to final delivery (depending on different needs - size requirements and the access to materials) is usually 60 to 90 days. For more information, see our pricing and delivery time.

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