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What Makes Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets? Manufacturers Have a Say


With the majority of a full outdoor kitchen remodel budget being devoted to new kitchen cabinets, it is evident that outdoor cabinets play an important role in any kitchen remodel. Not only that, outdoor kitchen cabinets can use up a major amount of kitchen wall and floor in outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchen cabinets are intended for cooking beyond the house. They may be built on a deck, at a park or a beach, at a swimming pool and close to a barbecue. They are required to be stronger than interior kitchen cabinets since they are to be subjected to seawater, wind, rainfalls, scorching sunlight, and other weather conditions. Outdoor kitchen cabinets have to be watertight and shouldn't be readily rotted, peeled, and discolored.


Choosing custom outdoor kitchen cabinets or semi-custom overstock cabinets will increase the cost. But here are some reviews listed by kitchen cabinets manufacturers that would benefit your remodeling projects. And these manufacturers are well-regarded both for the quality of their products and for long-term customer satisfaction.


The Design and Layout of Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are cupboards that could stand by themselves. They have many shelves and drawers where dishes along with other appliances and supplies could be kept conveniently and professionally. Outdoor kitchen cabinets will be customized with different storage opportunities for the different needs of homeowners. The drawers and shelves for kitchen appliances are a crucial attribute in the custom outdoor kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can save utensils, cooker, stove, and knives so the outdoor place will appear neat and clean.

Some outdoor kitchen cabinets are made by kitchen cabinets manufacturers to accommodate outdoor towels and toys. Kids will take their toys to perform when they're outside and outdoor kitchen cabinets would be the ideal location to store the kids' items.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be designed with grills on top for cooking. This kind of facility is crucial for outdoor cooking. People don't need to make a temporary arrangement in the event the outdoor cabinets have a barbecue or even a cooktop.

Some outside kitchen cabinets are equipped with heating drawers that keep cooked food fresh and hot. If homeowners are organizing numerous meals or taking their time to serve meals, such a heating system in the outside kitchen cabinetry will be quite suitable.

There are also some custom outdoor kitchen cabinets with locks provided by kitchen cabinets manufacturers, in which some items can be saved. Lockable cabinets are going to keep the things secure even if homeowners left the area and moved a bit away.


The Materials Used for Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you want the natural and rustic splendor of genuine teak, the standard allure of brick, or the sophisticated allure of powder-coated stainless steel, you are closer to making private outdoor kitchen cabinets. Below is a listing of the advantages and disadvantages of several of the finest materials for outdoor cabinets.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has steadily grown in popularity and is adorned by people trying to update their custom outdoor kitchen cabinets and associated appliances. Furthermore, it's simple to create a lavish style look by coordinating with appliances and accessories.

Pros: Most kitchen cabinets manufacturers agree that stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets (Related: Cabinet Manufacturers: Benefits of Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets) can match effortlessly with custom accessories and appliances. They have a sleek and contemporary look to match any outdoor kitchen layout. Their finish choices include a wide collection of powder-coated colors with realistic wood grains, textures, and customizable elements to match any design. They're durable in the harshest climates from winter snowstorms to salty sea air to summer heat. They need minimum maintenance and are simple to wash when they're powder coated.


Cons: The same with indoor stainless steel kitchen cabinets, stainless steel custom outdoor kitchen cabinets might be the pricier choice in comparison to other materials. They'd become hot to touch when subjected to direct sun. With no powder coating finishes, they will show fingerprints, oils, bird residue, etc. So they need regular maintenance to stay completely smudge-free.



Though not quite as durable as its other materials, particular kinds of wood are found to be suited for the outdoors; specifically, marine-grade timber like walnut, cypress, and bamboo are usually the very best wood for outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Pros: The advantages of wooden outdoor kitchen cabinets include simplicity of manipulation to the architectural design - since they may be stained and finished to match almost any design scheme. And they could easily exude a bespoke look and texture.

Cons: Wooden custom outdoor kitchen cabinets require essential and normal maintenance. They are vulnerable to fading with time. They even may break down over time – warping, cracking, and swelling.



If you are concerned about the seasons wreaking havoc on the outdoor kitchen cabinets, then do not worry - polymer, also known as high-density polyethylene or HDPE, is a durable substance. Although polymer outdoor kitchen cabinets are less expensive, there are a variety of downsides recorded by kitchen cabinets manufacturers. First of all, let us consider the advantages of polymer outdoor kitchen cabinets:

Pros: Polymer outdoor kitchen cabinets provide ease of maintenance and a very easy cleaning surface. They're resistant to sunlight, saltwater, rain, and snow and are non-corrosive. They will not crack, split or chalk despite exposure to the elements. And they're watertight and won't rot or rust.

Cons: Polymer custom outdoor kitchen cabinets might not look as lavish as timber, brick or stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets. They lack the depth and range of shades/colors/texture. Unless defined as 'green' by kitchen cabinets manufacturers, they might contain petrochemicals.


The Hardware Used for Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outside kitchen cabinets may have hinges, drawer slides, and handles and they're a substantial portion of the cupboards. They ought to be hard enough to endure the demanding use and very low maintenance. Their knobs and handles come in an assortment of materials like steel, brass, as well as stone.

Hinges, that can be self-closing and weather-resistant, ought to be considered for outside kitchen cabinets. Such hinges are most convenient while the cooking is conducted outside of the home. Drawer slides utilized in custom outdoor kitchen cabinets should also offer complete expansion and significantly withstand rough weather. Such drawers are more accessible and can accommodate items readily.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be found in various price ranges. The purchase price of outdoor kitchen cabinets is based upon the design, materials, and hardware used. You are able to select the one which satisfies your needs. No matter the design and kinds of outdoor kitchen cabinets you buy from kitchen cabinets manufacturers, make sure to assess the quality of the material used.

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