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What’s hot in China-Fadior & Film Dying to Survive


What’s the best Chinese movie in 2018? Many people would answer “Dying to Survive” without hesitance, though 2018 still have four months to go.

This movie won 2.6 billion box office in 13 days and got a 9.0/10 high score on China’s biggest movie comment website Douban. (also, 8.2/10 on IMDB). The movie tells a story about disease and drug in a humorous way, but arouses public concern and attention to help family which suffer from leukemia.

The significance of this movie is to let people know more about the life of leukemia patient and realize how horrible this disease is and that we should take actions to help people fight with this disease.

Due to medical restriction, leukemia is hard to be cured. What about we prevent from source to reduce the risk of this cancer? Formaldehyde is one of the known causes of leukemia. The terrible thing is that many materials around us can be the source of formaldehyde. For example, bad wooden cabinet material, paint oil and adhesive will release formaldehyde in a long time after decorating—more than 10 years!

What Fadior can do with this social challenge as a kitchen manufacture?

“Zero-formaldehyde” has always been one of Fadior’s bright spot. Fadior use food-grade #304 stainless steel as cabinet material, no MDF or plywood are used in cabinet body, replace adhesive with screw, to really make “zero-formaldehyde” happen in kitchen. What’s more, 304 stainless steel makes Fadior cabinet waterproof, fireproof, deformation resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Fadior stainless steel cabinet is the one which actually reduce formaldehyde release in customer’s home, provide every customer a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly kitchen. In Dying to Survive, hero Chengyong save people’s lives as a drug dealer, in real life, Fadior keep people save by provide them a home that far away from formaldehyde.

Along with Fadior, start a healthy life!

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