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What’s The Difference of Powder Coating Finish v.s. Painting Finish


What’s the difference of Powder Coating Finish v.s. Painting Finish

Actually, the difference is like car paint done in the car factory or just in a normal repairing workshop.

In the car factory, there is a professional room with running water to absorb the dust in the air to ensure the brightness of the finished surface. 3 layers of base powder and 4 layers of surface powder, before putting into special oven for 220-degree baking.


In repairing workshop, the workers do it on-site, simply polish the surface and then spray the paint, then let it dry with air.

How to judge spray painting and powder coating?

1. By touching. If the corners are smooth, and the same color as the front.  If the surface has a bubble or granule.

2. By seeing. If the surface looks like orange skin.


The quality of the door finish is also one important consideration when choosing a kitchen for the home, which will accompany your family for 5-10 years. FADIOR kitchen only apply 220-degree baking finish (similar technology as BMW etc.) for door finish and material is all 304-grade stainless steel, thus to ensure the cabinet can truly last for over 30 years as we promised.




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