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Why Choose Stainless Steel (ss) Kitchen Cabinets from China


For many years, lots of upscale kitchen cabinet manufacturers have employed stainless steel material in their products. And more and more homeowners prefer to build up their kitchen with stainless steel (ss) cabinets. So why is the stainless steel cabinet popular in kitchen remodeling or renovation projects? Stainless steel material is not porous like most substances, and so, has fewer tendencies to stain. The capability of stainless steel material to inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevailing over other materials like ceramic, wood, or tile, makes it the safest and healthiest material to use in the kitchen.


The Facts of Kitchen with SS Cabinets

Due to many obvious benefits of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, more and more cabinet manufacturers, retailers, as well as customers, both in China and overseas have flooded the market in recent years. It is of great importance to be cautious about the quality of the basic material when picking stainless steel kitchen cabinets - that's the steel. Some steels contain a minimum of 10% chromium, which is the lowest grade available and also the cheapest to fabricate. Some suppliers would utilize this grade steel to keep their prices down. But many excellent manufacturers of stainless steel kitchen cabinets from China prefer to use 304 steel - which is the iron blended with 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of steel offers greater corrosive resistance and durability. The kitchen with ss cabinets manufactured from this kind of stainless steel always perform much more better.


Then how is the stainless steel cabinet itself constructed? The professional manufacturers weld the "box" which in other words, the fundamental four-sided structure of the cupboard. When the stainless steel cupboard you find is "bolted" together, it's actually not a high-quality cabinet. Some qualified manufacturers of stainless steel cabinets exclusively use laser welding, aside from using a laser to cut the steel which forms the cabinet structure. The precision, aesthetics, and strength of laser welding/cutting will make the kitchen with ss cabinets unsurpassed in quality and last for a hundred years or more. Bear this in mind - the stainless steel cupboards have to be exact in their sizes to make sure the perfect fit to space. More details can be provided by suppliers of stainless steel kitchen cabinets from China: When choosing stainless steel cabinets, make sure to open and close their doors several times. The hinges must be of the highest quality and made from the exact same quality steel as the cabinets. The door should be closed seamlessly and free of any hollow sound. Furthermore, no sharp edges should be evident on the cabinets.


Advantages of Choosing Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets in China


China has the most and best kitchen cabinets manufacturer around the world. Even some America's largest home merchandise retailers like IKEA and Ashley Furniture are outsourcing production to China. According to the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance (AKCA), imported kitchen cabinets from China to the U.S. are up by over 75% compared to 2015. Chinese kitchen cabinets currently occupy 17% market share in the U.S. It will be definitely advantageous for people to choose stainless steel kitchen cabinets from China.


Here are the benefits of stainless steel kitchen cabinets imported from China:

1. Cheaper Cost

Cost reduction has become the most frequent cause of companies from the West resorting to overseas manufacturing. It is not different for Chinese kitchen cabinets manufacturers. Chinese kitchen cabinets tend to be more economical when compared to America-made kitchen cabinets as well as many others. This is a result of the innovative production method utilized by Chinese cabinet manufacturers, in addition to the low cost of labor.


2. High Quality

Cheap does not mean low quality all the time. Most Chinese cupboard manufacturers are in this industry for decades. Manufacturing the stainless steel kitchen cabinets from China will ensure that you get a well-built kitchen with ss cabinets.


3. Diverse Designs

Chinese kitchen cabinets can be varied in design. You will find a wide spectrum of designs so that you can select the perfect one that matches your kitchen style. A lot of Chinese kitchen cabinets are attractive in their appearance designs. From simple, glistening cabinets to ones that feature Asian, Europe, and America artistry, Chinese stainless steel kitchen cabinets will be the first choice.


4. Easy to Assemble

Chinese kitchen cabinets are manufactured with user-friendliness and easy installation in mind. Lots of cabinets are light and simple to assemble. If you would like to purchase stainless steel kitchen cabinets from China, you could choose the modular one so that you wouldn't have too much touch in assembling them. And most Chinese cupboard manufacturers utilize a cam lock mechanism to make their cabinets, which ensures that the cabinets can be securely held together while maintaining an aesthetic-appealing appearance.


5. Good Investments

Chinese kitchen cabinets are nothing short of ideal for family investment. The kitchen with ss cabinets will keep its beauty and functionality for decades. If you are a cabinet retailer or in real estate development business, we highly recommend you to buy Chinese stainless steel kitchen cabinets that are characterized by elegant appearance, sturdy construction, durability, as well as affordability.

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