Classic Grey Kitchen Cabinet X021

This stainless steel hanging kitchen cabinet, named “Leonardo Da Vinci,” features a simple U-shaped layout that combines with the dining area, making it very convenient for daily use.


European Kitchen Cabinet X017

Our “Lucca” European kitchen cabinet departs from the traditional cabinet layout, perfectly blending art with life.


Classic White Kitchen Cabinet GY003

The design inspiration for the “Goteborg” European style kitchen cabinet comes from white ice crystals, without excessive luxury elements, yet it meets the needs of European-style kitchens.


Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinet GY002

“Edinburgh” high-end European kitchen cabinet showcases the refinement befitting nobility in every detail.


Traditional White Kitchen Cabinet G006

The white European kitchen cabinet uses stainless steel panels combined with golden embellishment to create a luxurious atmosphere reminiscent of the “Buckingham Palace.”

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